Friday, 26 November 2010

Spill the guts, not

Everyone sees who I appear to be
but only a few know the real me
you only see what I choose to show
there's so much behind this smile
you don't even know.

I don't spill the guts. At least not to everyone. It's not easy to smile when you don't feel like smiling, it's hard to laugh when you don't even feel like it and it's not even fun to admit to something which is not. 

Life is plain. I don't even have anything worth to post. So, I simply write anything I feel like writing. I'm just so bored. Internet connection is shoot. One time it's there, the other time it isn't. And, my fingers itch, begging me to tap something on the key board, and so I write. Anything that comes to my mind. LOL~

I do have assignment, and lots of readings to do. But, I just don't have the urge to do them. Gosh! What is wrong with you, Is? Mr. Conscience, come and pay me a visit please.. pretty please with sugar on top~ Do stay longer this time, make sure I finish my assignment, which will shortly due.

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