Friday, 19 November 2010

White, white uhh and white, pink and black

    Blog time again! and need I to remind you, my blog is ZzzZZzz. Might wanna catch up new movies rather than gluing your eyes here. haha..

    I'm tired today. Really really do. Been thinking too much, I suppose. Trying so hard to do my assignment actually, it's soooo confusing. I managed to get some advices from few friends and lecturers though! Thanks friends and lecturers! :) 

   Moving on to something related to the title. haha! I thought nobody gives a damn about it but turns out that people or should I say girls do give a damn. It's the colour of my scarf, that's what I'm talking about! haha.. For the umpteenth times, again today there is still somebody telling me that she realised that I've never wore other than white, black and pink scarfs. Come to think about it, it's kinda embarrassing. Really. Entah entah, people think that I'm so lazy that I've never washed my scarf or something. haha! I did, okay! I just think that it's easy to wear white because it matches any colour of clothes I'm wearing. Same goes to black. But I never really like wearing black as I feel that it makes me look dark. I usually wear black when I'm wearing black or red clothes. I just think that red really should go together with black, don't you think so? and why pink? Because I love pink and many of my clothes are pink! Pink is just sooooo fantastic! fabulous! FANTABULOUS! 

mama, kakak, abang and of course I am the one in pink :)

    I remember 1 time, when I was still in secondary school. I have quite a range of pink clothes, shirts, dresses, you name it! That I wore pink almost everyday. Mind you, I changed my clothes everyday but of course, you understand why pink everyday kan? Until at 1 point, my friend, I think asked me, "Don't you change your cloth??" and I was like, OMG! seriously?? This kind of question had never crossed my mind. I mean, if you could realise that I'm wearing pink everyday, how could you not realise that they were different pink everyday?? huhuk.. It was humiliating, definitely. Though, I don't blame them because, it was totally obvious what colour of baju I'm wearing everyday however people, they look but they don't see. And of course, not that they touched if not, they'll know the materials were different, how come they were the same clothes. Right? Haha..
My pink adidas!

I learnt my mistakes. I still wear pink but not everyday. But my problem now is, I like to wear white tudung and I'm wearing it almost everyday. Did i say 'it'? I mean 'them', because I do change my scarf and I have almost 7 white scarves. Really.Guess I haven't completely learn my lesson :P

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