Sunday, 13 November 2011

talk abot marriage

   In my entire life, I have never imagined that one day, one of my friends or someone in my circle of friends would be getting married and has kids. I mean, I feel so young that I never thought that one fine day, I will actually received wedding invitations from fellow friends. I thought that time will not come at least in the near future. But yeah, it's actually time I should get use to it.
   Anyway, not that most of my friends are married now. As far as I could remember, there are only two or three friends of mine are already married right now and one of them is currently pregnant. Can you believe that? We went to school together, went for competitions, games and did what teenagers always do together. 5 years spent together in a boarding school and now, she is already carrying a baby of her own. Gosh, I still couldn't believe it. Don't get me wrong, she's married not because she has nothing to do or no longer studying. Infact, she and her husband are studying medicine in Czech Repulic.
   And yeah, I have two of my freinds here who are married to each other last summer. And the wedding feast itself was held at my rented house here, in the UK.
   Suddenly, I feel like everyone is getting married. And everyone is talking about marriage and stuffs. Even when I am together with friends, out of the blue these kind of questions usually popped out, "When are you getting married?", "When are you going to get engaged?". even my sisters asked me this very same questions sometimes. and when I say sisters, of course that includes my younger sister. Gosh, kids nowadays, they grow up so fast. Well, she is 17 but, even when she was younger, she can afford to talk about marriage. Advanced huh?
   Not that marriage is a bad thing, it is indeed a good thing and is actually encouraged by Islam. But, we can't deny the fact that there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration once you starting to feel like you want to settle down.
   and one more thing just to stress here, not that this is a 'gatal' age for people my age or what but lets face is, at a certain point in a young woman's life, she begins to think about marriage and family. She plans the big day, dreams of her future husband, and wants to settle down. Unfortunately for many women, that day arrives when she's fourteen. I mean, let's be honest, ladies. Some of us have been planning our weddings for a loooooong time.
    Hihi. But at the moment, I just hope to focus on my study so that when it's time for me to get married, both my partner and I are already stable financially and ready in all aspects.
   Oh and yeah, to tell you the truth, I am urged to write about this topic as we just passed 11.11.2011 (although it has been two days), when most of the people are getting married due to the nice combination of date to be remembered. Plus, I feel the need to write and I don't really know what to write about since my life has been so dull yet challenging with loads of work.

   Infact, look at these pictures...
Definitely not a soon to be wife material.
and a bad influence AT THE MOMENT(note the capital letters)

most of all, cute beyond reason. Baby type cute that my baby will be jealous of me . KIDDING. LOL

Friday, 11 November 2011

Since 'you' asked for it

Hello world!

   Yeah, yeah, I know. It's been a while. I am just freaking busy since the very first day of my third year. Really. On the first day itself I already had to attend a course related briefing as well as my dissertation briefing. Gosh. I was like, give me a break. It's just the first day. (mind you, this was said after I have had my 3 months break) LOL. 
   Every month now, I have to submit part after part of my dissertation. It's too much of a hassle I tell you. But yeah, not that I have any other choices but to do it. I literally have no time for myself at all. with all the ongoing assignments. Seriously, they just keep on coming. I need a break. gaahhh.

   I've just submitted one assignment last month as well as the 2 parts of my dissertation. But, I have another 5 assignments that are crying for my attention right now. oh and yeah, I'd just sat for my closed analysis test last Tuesday. What the heck, right? exam in the middle of nowhere. But, I have to admit. That's just life. Nothing comes easy, right?

   And by the way, I know I told you that I am busy with my study life right now, so I am excused. What about summer holiday? Teheee. Was busy as well. Too busy 'jalan-ing'. LOL. Went to some places. Will  upload some pictures later =) eventhough nobody ask me to do so. Oh and if I am 'rajin', will tell about my raya experience this year. Clue, it was nothing like all my previous raya. This raya was my very first raya feeling quite pathetic but funny. Till then, astalavista baby!!

look. one of my holiday destinations :P

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My oh my!

If you are still not aware of what is happening here in the UK right now, let me enlighten you. As reported in news, the atmosphere in London and few other cities in the UK remain tense due to the unrest riot.

This terrifies me somehow as it is reported in news that the riot has already spread in a few places in Kent (mind you I am studying in one of the towns in Kent). These places include Medway, Maidstone, Rainham and Chatham.

This riot sustained looting,violence and attacks on property throughout affected areas.

It was also reported in "The Guardian" news, in one of the callous incidents, a boy was injured and some men approached and appeared to be helping the victim to his feet initially but then rummaged through his rucksack and took some of its contents before he staggered away. Shockingly, it was said that this boy is one of the Malaysian students and was actually on his way buying food for 'buka puasa'. Poor boy :(

This riot unfortunately has forced me to change my initial plan which was to spend two nights in London with few friends *sad* especially now that London has gone into lockdown.

Cut short,plan has already been canceled. New plan, yet to be re-planned -_-"

Gosh, those people who are involved in this riot is reported to be rioting as a protest against Mark Duggan's death. But what I can't really understand is that those rioters have been attacking and looting at the same time which I personally believe rather for their own gain. Is it not?

If you ask me, I'd say these are pure and simply criminals running wild. They actually have nothing to protest against because this matter somehow has nothing to do with them thus it is senseless.

Dear God, please protect us and all our loved ones. I really really hope that this will shortly end.

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Monday, 8 August 2011

Day out in London

   I'm sitting here in front of my laptop and I'm feeling quite bored thu s, this post is created. Again I'm telling you that I'm not a good writer but I'm idle at the moment and I've been stalking other's blogs that there is no more blog in my bloglist which I hvaen't read. Hence, I decided to write.

   I went to London the other day. You see, I've been staying here in the UK for almost two years and in all honesty, there are just sooo many places in the UK that I've never been to. Therefore, since I'm not going back to my beloved hometown this year, I'm trying to make full use of my summer holiday here (of course besides trying to prepare for my thesis).

   Before my trip to London, I've listed down all the places in London in which I planned to go and that included a few places which I've passed a few times but I never got the chance to really linger and enjoy their awesome-ness =)

   Upon my arrival, the very first place that I decided to go was Tinseltown, the American diner restaurant in London. I'd been looking at the menu served there (pictures,of course) back then and I swear they all looked mouth watering to me. Nevertheless, I can't really remember what did both Mr. Danny and I ordered but we both ordered chicken menu. It was alright, if you ask me. Can't really complain since there are not many Halal American diner that you can find here. But the drinks were delicious though.

had to tahan lapar for this picture. pftt.

he just loves food nowadays.

   After our tummy were fully filled (I mean it, I was terribly full), we headed to Bayswater. Just roaming around the street, went to whiteleys *boring* and then straight away to Hyde park. It was tiring because unfortunately, we didn't really follow the earlier plan accordingly. Not that we really planned for the trip as I remembered telling Mr. Danny that we need not to rush since we have like the whole summer to go to London again. We were quite tired though as we just landed from Munich that morning.

   At Hyde park, we just laid on chairs that were provided there in the park. One of the good things about the Brits, their mentality. I mean, if this was in Malaysia, I don't think you will still be seeing those chairs the day after. You just can't leave anything in public places in Malaysia be it just plain steel. There are always ways to make easy money. The evening in the Hyde Park was indeed very tranquilling. We almost planned to spend the rest of the evening there actually but we didn't. Or else, we will be defeating our initial objective; go to places we've been longing to go.

DIY. Though first attempt failed. LOL

So lega I finally got to sit and lay back.

    Later that evening, we took a bus to Oxford Circus. Half heartedly at first due to my weariness. We arrived there after 15 minutes and I thank God that we decided to go there! It was a bliss! Sales are everywhere! Yes! I really love the UK during summer, it's shopping spree time! wuhoooooo =P With only two hours left before the shops were supposed to be closing, we managed to still get a little something something and both of us agreed that we needed more time there. So, changed of plan. We went there again the next day and did some shopping. 

one of his fav shops. Guys huh.

shopping? *sooo happy*

   And not to be forgotten, we also went to one of the biggest markets in London, Camden Market. To those who are staying here in the UK and haven't been there, my suggestion would be PLEASE GO. It's a nice place to remind you of home or in particular pasar malam, downtown, uptown or Petaling Street. It just felt so good to rove around that place, move hither and thither at random and enjoy the scenery. It was HUUUUGEEE I tell you. And food lovers alert, there are sooo many choices for halal food there! and cheap too!

went mental due to over excited-ness :P

weird me. Tell me something I don't know. teheee.

he just couldn't pose differently.

there's this canal boat trip also there. interesting huh.
some of the stalls/shops. most of them are asians.

see the table and what the seat are made of. smart rite?

attempt to fly. FAILED. too heavy :( boohooo.

wonder where did they get that sooo many vespas.

Camden Market.

Don't worry, I'm trying to work on my weight.

mind you, Danny's legs. hehe. I didn't try this, too ticklish to handle.

look at some of the food stalls. those are all HALAL.
   FYI, look at the picture above. those are some of the food stalls and they are all halal. There are Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Indian food and some others. In fact, there was this chinese guy who called us to have a taste for his food. Surprisingly, he is Malaysian. Ipoh in particular. The food was not so bad but what really interests me was there were quite a number of dishes there and you can actually mix and match all dishes and still pay for the price of four freaking pound!

   Later that evening, we went back to Canterbury so that we can fully recover from our fatigueness. But again, oddly our insanity prevailed. We went to Ashford factory outlet the day after and so much money were well spent there =P It was worth it, really. Branded stuffs. Two words, GOOD BARGAIN. Full stop.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Audi Cup moment!

   Which is better, watching on TV or watch the game live in stadium?

Watching on TV: you get a better view, we could get up as much as we like, its definitely free and also we could sit on a soft comfy couch.
In the stadium: The tailgating,the crowd, the excitement, the noise. You don't get stuck watching the same commercial 10 times over the course of the ball game. 

   I usually choose not to watch at all =P Often because I find football or soccer, some may called is not so much of an entertainment.  Especially when I have to pick between football and cartoons. Yes, up till today I am still very much in love with cartoons.

   Not that I dislike football, it's just that I feel annoyed with the game easily when the game has long started and there is still no action. You know what I mean, don't you? However, when there's a match that I find agitating, I'll usually get carried away. Trust me. If you watch properly, you might see that I tend to move my leg as if I am kicking the play ball. 

I look confused.

In front of the Allianz Arena

   All my life, I'd never watched any football match in the stadium until recently. I was really curious into knowing what kind of feeling will someone be having watching a football match in the stadium. I"m quite lucky though as I was in Germany at the right time and just in time for the Audi Cup.

Before the game started
Barca vs SC

   I was feeling quite excited to watch the matches in the stadium for the first time. Yes, there were two matches that day; 
Barcelona FC vs SC International
Bayern Munich vs AC Milan

   To cut it short, the first match was quite boring, I can assure you. In fact, I almost fell asleep. I was tired and the game didn't excite me much. If you think it was just me, you thought wrong. Danny felt the same way too. He was all drowsy during the first match.

show off =P

Gosh, I look weird in all pictures! phone camera or not-fotogenic me to blame?

   A far cry from the first match, the second was a lot better. Bayern FC team kept attacking the whole time but AC Milan defenders were tough though. In addition to that, there were so many Bayern Munich fans were there that made the match more electrifying.  They sang, they cheered, the booed, they do all sorts of things fans usually do. You don't really see this kind of show when you watch football at home, I guess.

   What an experience, eyh. I'm not really a good writer so, I can't really tell much here. But one thing for sure, I was entertained. It was awesome =)


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A place called Passau

   I'm back in the UK now and it would be my pleasure to share some pictures with fellow readers ( not that I have many readers. LOL). 

   So, during my recent visit to Germany AGAIN, I managed to enjoy the beauty of a town known as Passau. It is located near Deggendorf (a small town where my sister and Danny study) sadly it was my very first visit to Passau. 

   Despite the fact that Passau is just less than one hour drive from Deggendorf, it looks rather different from Deggendorf. I would say, Passau looks more lively and establish. However, I went there quite late that I didn't manage to really wander around the town.

oh, before I almost forgot, Happy Ramadhan everyone! God bless.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Lets go latin!

   I wish that I can learn salsa. Not the food, but the dance. Gosh, I really love to see the moves. But not really sure I'll be able to sway and dance that good. But, what if I can? haha.

   People often say if you can walk, you can salsa. Hey, I can walk! now, lets find a place to learn salsa! A good way to do something I think I like or will like and at the same time, lose some weight. Yayyy!
if I can do this, that'd be aweeesomeeee =)