Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My oh my!

If you are still not aware of what is happening here in the UK right now, let me enlighten you. As reported in news, the atmosphere in London and few other cities in the UK remain tense due to the unrest riot.

This terrifies me somehow as it is reported in news that the riot has already spread in a few places in Kent (mind you I am studying in one of the towns in Kent). These places include Medway, Maidstone, Rainham and Chatham.

This riot sustained looting,violence and attacks on property throughout affected areas.

It was also reported in "The Guardian" news, in one of the callous incidents, a boy was injured and some men approached and appeared to be helping the victim to his feet initially but then rummaged through his rucksack and took some of its contents before he staggered away. Shockingly, it was said that this boy is one of the Malaysian students and was actually on his way buying food for 'buka puasa'. Poor boy :(

This riot unfortunately has forced me to change my initial plan which was to spend two nights in London with few friends *sad* especially now that London has gone into lockdown.

Cut short,plan has already been canceled. New plan, yet to be re-planned -_-"

Gosh, those people who are involved in this riot is reported to be rioting as a protest against Mark Duggan's death. But what I can't really understand is that those rioters have been attacking and looting at the same time which I personally believe rather for their own gain. Is it not?

If you ask me, I'd say these are pure and simply criminals running wild. They actually have nothing to protest against because this matter somehow has nothing to do with them thus it is senseless.

Dear God, please protect us and all our loved ones. I really really hope that this will shortly end.

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  1. this scares the hell out of everyone who's still in the uk at the moment. stay safe, mummy :)

  2. true! I had to cancel some of my plans, and this saddens me :(

    but it's ok, at least I'm safe. you too, take care sweetheart!