Friday, 11 November 2011

Since 'you' asked for it

Hello world!

   Yeah, yeah, I know. It's been a while. I am just freaking busy since the very first day of my third year. Really. On the first day itself I already had to attend a course related briefing as well as my dissertation briefing. Gosh. I was like, give me a break. It's just the first day. (mind you, this was said after I have had my 3 months break) LOL. 
   Every month now, I have to submit part after part of my dissertation. It's too much of a hassle I tell you. But yeah, not that I have any other choices but to do it. I literally have no time for myself at all. with all the ongoing assignments. Seriously, they just keep on coming. I need a break. gaahhh.

   I've just submitted one assignment last month as well as the 2 parts of my dissertation. But, I have another 5 assignments that are crying for my attention right now. oh and yeah, I'd just sat for my closed analysis test last Tuesday. What the heck, right? exam in the middle of nowhere. But, I have to admit. That's just life. Nothing comes easy, right?

   And by the way, I know I told you that I am busy with my study life right now, so I am excused. What about summer holiday? Teheee. Was busy as well. Too busy 'jalan-ing'. LOL. Went to some places. Will  upload some pictures later =) eventhough nobody ask me to do so. Oh and if I am 'rajin', will tell about my raya experience this year. Clue, it was nothing like all my previous raya. This raya was my very first raya feeling quite pathetic but funny. Till then, astalavista baby!!

look. one of my holiday destinations :P

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