Friday, 5 August 2011

Audi Cup moment!

   Which is better, watching on TV or watch the game live in stadium?

Watching on TV: you get a better view, we could get up as much as we like, its definitely free and also we could sit on a soft comfy couch.
In the stadium: The tailgating,the crowd, the excitement, the noise. You don't get stuck watching the same commercial 10 times over the course of the ball game. 

   I usually choose not to watch at all =P Often because I find football or soccer, some may called is not so much of an entertainment.  Especially when I have to pick between football and cartoons. Yes, up till today I am still very much in love with cartoons.

   Not that I dislike football, it's just that I feel annoyed with the game easily when the game has long started and there is still no action. You know what I mean, don't you? However, when there's a match that I find agitating, I'll usually get carried away. Trust me. If you watch properly, you might see that I tend to move my leg as if I am kicking the play ball. 

I look confused.

In front of the Allianz Arena

   All my life, I'd never watched any football match in the stadium until recently. I was really curious into knowing what kind of feeling will someone be having watching a football match in the stadium. I"m quite lucky though as I was in Germany at the right time and just in time for the Audi Cup.

Before the game started
Barca vs SC

   I was feeling quite excited to watch the matches in the stadium for the first time. Yes, there were two matches that day; 
Barcelona FC vs SC International
Bayern Munich vs AC Milan

   To cut it short, the first match was quite boring, I can assure you. In fact, I almost fell asleep. I was tired and the game didn't excite me much. If you think it was just me, you thought wrong. Danny felt the same way too. He was all drowsy during the first match.

show off =P

Gosh, I look weird in all pictures! phone camera or not-fotogenic me to blame?

   A far cry from the first match, the second was a lot better. Bayern FC team kept attacking the whole time but AC Milan defenders were tough though. In addition to that, there were so many Bayern Munich fans were there that made the match more electrifying.  They sang, they cheered, the booed, they do all sorts of things fans usually do. You don't really see this kind of show when you watch football at home, I guess.

   What an experience, eyh. I'm not really a good writer so, I can't really tell much here. But one thing for sure, I was entertained. It was awesome =)



  1. awwww sweet baby sweet! i mishhh yu! oh pls tell haikal i miss him too. come back faster u too! n ainur too! arghhhh rindu korang!

  2. i mish u too!!! xsangke u rindu i gk :) i pun dh xsabar nk blk.. huhu.. i'll make sure i kurus dlu b4 jumpe u yg mkin kurus tu k! how's life?

  3. omg u watched the match live!!! so cool!

    btw, I learn my make-up from looking at youtube videos and studying people's make up in magazines or in real life. practice! XD

    happy ramadan. =)

  4. It is!! What an experience I would say..

    having read your older posts, I'd suggest you to watch football match live as well. You'd be a great fan =)

    I watch those sort of videos but I guess I am such a slow learner =( can't really catch up.. LOL

    Happy ramadhan to u too!