Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A place called Passau

   I'm back in the UK now and it would be my pleasure to share some pictures with fellow readers ( not that I have many readers. LOL). 

   So, during my recent visit to Germany AGAIN, I managed to enjoy the beauty of a town known as Passau. It is located near Deggendorf (a small town where my sister and Danny study) sadly it was my very first visit to Passau. 

   Despite the fact that Passau is just less than one hour drive from Deggendorf, it looks rather different from Deggendorf. I would say, Passau looks more lively and establish. However, I went there quite late that I didn't manage to really wander around the town.

oh, before I almost forgot, Happy Ramadhan everyone! God bless.


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment, this is Isabel from Material Girl by the way! It looks like you enjoyed yourself on your holiday. Lovely sceneries.

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  2. sedak yo jale nge gewe....

  3. Kalu abe Z ade, leh gak g dating sokmo.. hehe