Monday, 8 August 2011

Day out in London

   I'm sitting here in front of my laptop and I'm feeling quite bored thu s, this post is created. Again I'm telling you that I'm not a good writer but I'm idle at the moment and I've been stalking other's blogs that there is no more blog in my bloglist which I hvaen't read. Hence, I decided to write.

   I went to London the other day. You see, I've been staying here in the UK for almost two years and in all honesty, there are just sooo many places in the UK that I've never been to. Therefore, since I'm not going back to my beloved hometown this year, I'm trying to make full use of my summer holiday here (of course besides trying to prepare for my thesis).

   Before my trip to London, I've listed down all the places in London in which I planned to go and that included a few places which I've passed a few times but I never got the chance to really linger and enjoy their awesome-ness =)

   Upon my arrival, the very first place that I decided to go was Tinseltown, the American diner restaurant in London. I'd been looking at the menu served there (pictures,of course) back then and I swear they all looked mouth watering to me. Nevertheless, I can't really remember what did both Mr. Danny and I ordered but we both ordered chicken menu. It was alright, if you ask me. Can't really complain since there are not many Halal American diner that you can find here. But the drinks were delicious though.

had to tahan lapar for this picture. pftt.

he just loves food nowadays.

   After our tummy were fully filled (I mean it, I was terribly full), we headed to Bayswater. Just roaming around the street, went to whiteleys *boring* and then straight away to Hyde park. It was tiring because unfortunately, we didn't really follow the earlier plan accordingly. Not that we really planned for the trip as I remembered telling Mr. Danny that we need not to rush since we have like the whole summer to go to London again. We were quite tired though as we just landed from Munich that morning.

   At Hyde park, we just laid on chairs that were provided there in the park. One of the good things about the Brits, their mentality. I mean, if this was in Malaysia, I don't think you will still be seeing those chairs the day after. You just can't leave anything in public places in Malaysia be it just plain steel. There are always ways to make easy money. The evening in the Hyde Park was indeed very tranquilling. We almost planned to spend the rest of the evening there actually but we didn't. Or else, we will be defeating our initial objective; go to places we've been longing to go.

DIY. Though first attempt failed. LOL

So lega I finally got to sit and lay back.

    Later that evening, we took a bus to Oxford Circus. Half heartedly at first due to my weariness. We arrived there after 15 minutes and I thank God that we decided to go there! It was a bliss! Sales are everywhere! Yes! I really love the UK during summer, it's shopping spree time! wuhoooooo =P With only two hours left before the shops were supposed to be closing, we managed to still get a little something something and both of us agreed that we needed more time there. So, changed of plan. We went there again the next day and did some shopping. 

one of his fav shops. Guys huh.

shopping? *sooo happy*

   And not to be forgotten, we also went to one of the biggest markets in London, Camden Market. To those who are staying here in the UK and haven't been there, my suggestion would be PLEASE GO. It's a nice place to remind you of home or in particular pasar malam, downtown, uptown or Petaling Street. It just felt so good to rove around that place, move hither and thither at random and enjoy the scenery. It was HUUUUGEEE I tell you. And food lovers alert, there are sooo many choices for halal food there! and cheap too!

went mental due to over excited-ness :P

weird me. Tell me something I don't know. teheee.

he just couldn't pose differently.

there's this canal boat trip also there. interesting huh.
some of the stalls/shops. most of them are asians.

see the table and what the seat are made of. smart rite?

attempt to fly. FAILED. too heavy :( boohooo.

wonder where did they get that sooo many vespas.

Camden Market.

Don't worry, I'm trying to work on my weight.

mind you, Danny's legs. hehe. I didn't try this, too ticklish to handle.

look at some of the food stalls. those are all HALAL.
   FYI, look at the picture above. those are some of the food stalls and they are all halal. There are Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Indian food and some others. In fact, there was this chinese guy who called us to have a taste for his food. Surprisingly, he is Malaysian. Ipoh in particular. The food was not so bad but what really interests me was there were quite a number of dishes there and you can actually mix and match all dishes and still pay for the price of four freaking pound!

   Later that evening, we went back to Canterbury so that we can fully recover from our fatigueness. But again, oddly our insanity prevailed. We went to Ashford factory outlet the day after and so much money were well spent there =P It was worth it, really. Branded stuffs. Two words, GOOD BARGAIN. Full stop.


  1. tinseltown!!!! I love that place. Their ice-cream sedap gila. The chinese man is from Ipoh?? Yaaay, like me. =D

  2. hahah! true! I was head over heals reading the menu. Felt like I want them all.

    Really? should go there then. Might get free food :P

  3. cuti n dpt hangout dgn boyfie, what are the best words i can say, huh.. hehhehe good for u! :)u look semakin comel n why danny makin kurus.. ouh please tell danny jgn perasan with this statement. ngeh3

  4. That horse nostril pic is hilarious!!!
    That fish pedicure is interesting. I might be too ticklish, too!

  5. kak fatin: hahah.. xpela, boyfie u dekat wat ;)

    Thanks anywho, but I 'comel' sbb I dah BESAR as in GEMUK. huhuk :( Danny plak LOOKED KURUS because of the shirts he's wearing. well, he is NOT :)

  6. HiLLjO: It is indeed quite hilarious :) either the nostril is too big or the head ;)

    yeah, i really don't think I could handle the tickles :)