Wednesday, 10 November 2010


   This bitterness will acutely strike me again, I know it will (I'm always victimised by this). I wanna sulk but to whom? I wanna shout, "Screw u!" but what are the aftermaths? *hukk* Zip it, Is. I cursed enough. Cukup la noo..Tried to cheer myself up, so I told Dannymiowmiow,"I wanna go home!" (impossible). "I want u!", I still haven't give up(obviously negative as I meant right now) and so I continued crying for quite sometime before I completely stopped.

   Cheer me, cheer me up.. Abruptly, this came into my mind and hammered me! I recalled! "saya mahu! saya mahu! saya mahu Taboo! yayy!" suke! suke!

and you will be playing it with me!

Eskem di Prague

Yes, definitely you! Jangan nak purak-purak makan eskem plak! *hikk* I won't accept any other answers except "YES". Pleaseeee...Pretty pleaseeee~

Tak kire ah! nak gak main nate ni! *hukk* leh eyh??? leh eyh?? leh eyh??

p/s: This game is not meant to be played alone, two won't work either. So, apparently akak and some others that will be asked nicely before being force later on (supposing that puppy face doesn't work) will be playing too! Yeayy!

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