Monday, 8 November 2010

Ich kann deutsch

   I'm such a big mouth, true indeed! I describe myself as someone who really loves to learn languages sometime. Indubitably a good thing, right? Well, I would say, it actually depends on what or which part of the language that particular someone is learning. Same rule applies to me, of course. 

Deutschland! Deutschland!

   To cut the story short, it was at the end of Methodology class when I obviously felt extremely excited (I'm going home, duhh~) that I somehow said something in Deutsch in which I learnt from my sister and Danny. Suddenly, the thing I said has caught my lecturer's attention that he looked at me *surprised*, and smile while asking me, "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?". Not that I understand Deutsch well but I think I can guess that he was asking me whether I know Deutsch or something about Deutsch. And I was like, " Errr..." ( I'm not sure whether to nod or to shake my head) "maybe just a little", I said. He continued smiling and translated what I've just said in German Language and waited for me to respond. I was having a monologue with myself that time that I straight away answer him YES, and he laughed at me. Why?? I should have answered him, "Ja" instead of "Yes" I think. And I still have no idea why he laughed at me back then. However, what bothers me the most is how can I not remember that he knows Deutsch and why can't I be more careful before I cursed " Heilige Scheiße!" amid the lesson. 

   I guess, what's done is done. Luckily Mark tu sempoi and lepek, buatnye he curse me back, xke haru if I dunno what to curse back :P *wink* (but actually, if I were needed to curse back, I think I would be able to do so because, I have quite a list of curse words or taboos in Deutsch). 

Gambar kenangan bersame cikgu-cikgu Deutsch saye (on the way back from Prague)

Moral of the story: Di mana ade kemahuan, di situ ade highway.. When there's a will which is in my case willing to vary my curse words, there's a way, bebeh! 

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