Sunday, 7 November 2010

Once upon a windy summer...

West Gate Canterbury
Westgate Garden

   Going through my pictures today reminds me of the great time we had during last summer holiday. Yeah, it was a windy and dreary summer at times(that's just how the weather in the uk) is. So yeah! lets go on a trip down memory lane! It was here, in Canterbury when the love was in the air *hihik* (of course la, Dannymiowmiow was here that time) and the Westgate Garden was the attestant of our love since that was the place we kept on going each time we went out to town (tempat picnic makan Subway almost everyday, tempat camwhore and of course tempat dating). It was a nice place especially during spring and summer. Obviosly sebab banyak bunge however, I've never been there during spring (gedik, pegi mane pun nak g dgn Dannymiowmiow gak padahal town sendiri kot) *haishh*.

West Gate Canterbury
me n u, just us two


West Gate Canterbury
kegemukan kelihatan di situ
And i remember that time, we went out at noon and had our lunch at Kashmir Tandoori first to satisfy our craving for 'maple' food but it was a higher standard 'maple' though with no big screen TV for people to watch football (kalau ade, memang xberjalan dah le ritu). Next, we went for a walk around the Canterbury town, doing some window shopping until alas we went on the bridge in Canterbury town where we saw a few numbers of rowing boats full of tourists boarding. Since punting is in my to-do-with-Danny wish list, we decided to be on one of those boats for the adventurous historical Canterbury river punting (checked!). It was fun and the boatman was humorous too. Lots of stories and places were then revealed during the river punting including the place where people who were suspected to be witches were drown in the river. According to the boatman, those people were drown in the water for an hour just to see whether they are witches or they are not. If they didn't die, of course they are witches and so will be burnt to death but if somehow they did die, they will be buried in the cathedral as in their beliefs, those people who are buried there will be sent straight away to heaven (konon nye nak tebus kesalahan dorg yg salah anggap kt si mati a). What an a**hole.

West Gate Canterbury
kakak, if you read this, do come here summer bile-bile, kite g sini!

West Gate Canterbury
utk pasangan yang xmampu ke Venice, leh la g naik boat kt belakang kitorg tu, that one u guys leh je naik 2-4 persons. But I'm not sure whether ade any historical stories ke x yg ni.

And so, this is 1 part of the story of my  last summer hols. Will be bringing out and showing more (walaupun xde org nk tgk! yay!)

p/s: Danny, summer ni kite nak jalan mane lak eyh?? hehe

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