Tuesday, 16 November 2010

When I'm With You

bosan...malas...penat...ngantok(bler bukak buku)haha... so i decided to google something other than intellectual things aka boring stuff. then I came across a video clip of a band that I'm not familiar with. but I kinda like the sound of this band's song bcoz it sumhow portrays how I feel when I'm not with my sweet baby~

since my gurl ni ade blog n I'm her 'so-called' secretary of pictures of her blog ni, so y shudn't I post a video clip as well kan? its about how I feel bout her gak anyways..nahnahnah~

p/s: baby, this song is for you. I love you so much n i really2 miss everything about you.mmmmmuakkss:-*


1 comment:

  1. omg! how can i just realised dis?? huhu~ danke, bebeh~ i love u n i miss everythg bout u too! i'll rmmber dis day as da day my bf first post his entry :) more to come plzzzz~~~