Tuesday, 16 November 2010

so much of the case of sour grapes

   I was reading some articles on the net, that somehow when I read certain things or anything that other people wrote I began to feel envious. I began to question myself, why can't I be as good as them? Why am I not like them? why my life can't be like them? why can't I be more like them? Pfftt! I hate it when I start to feel like this and I just hate it each time my mind starts to bombard me with these sorts of questions. What is wrong with me??
   I guess I'm not the only one who feels like this, right? I mean, we are human, with lots of feelings and of course one of them is being ENVY. One of the deadly sins huh? Why one of the deadly sins? Simply because it is the reason as to why some of us are so unhappy with their lives. Thinking that the fate hasn't been so kind to us as it has been to someone else. So, does it mean those that envy people are bad people? Hell no! If not, I myself will absolutely be one of those bad people and I don't think of myself as a bad person. Well, the feelings of envy doesn't come from hating other people (to some, I guess) but I realised that it actually stems from the conflicts we have within ourselves which is the inferiority feelings we have or experience upon seeing someone else is doing better than us. Or maybe its not because seeing somebody else doing better than us. Maybe it's a result of seeing that particular someone reminds us of what kind of person we are or we are not, that we are no good and not as good as that person is. Our mind is just too complicated, isn't it? It's not that we want ourselves to think that way but we just couldn't help it.

   So, how do we avoid this? Or maybe we just can't avoid ourselves from being envious. What can we do? Have to try building up our confidence. It's not an easy thing to do especially when confidence can't be built in a fortnight. We have to work for it. Get your lazy ass up and have a Go! And yeah, bear in mind, we are human. We all have weak points and we all might envy others at some points of our lives but what differentiates a strong person from a weak person is that the first will use the feelings of envy as a motive to make bigger achievements while the other person will shove the envy feelings deep inside him along with the big pile of suppressed emotions he has and voila!, give yourselves more tense and burdens. But, it'll definitely be worst if he/she uses this feeling as an excuse to do something bad or to harm others. Please don't, it won't benefit you in any kind of way pun. You'll just have the sense of satisfaction and that's about it, full stop. One brilliant way is to think that if you feel like you are lacking of something, there are still somebody out there who are less fortunate than you that you should be grateful for what God has given you. Be it material comforts or talents whatsoever. Try doing this whenever this sort of feelings fogged your mind,  it helps. And one more thing,  feelings of envy isn't really that bad IF envious is taken as something constructive rather than making it one kind of distraction (as if we don't have enough distraction in our life already, kan?).

Note: easy to talk than to do, I know but still, we have got to try it because we, the envious people.


  1. awk, knape awk ni mcm ni? awk jgn la mcm ni..awk nk envy kt sape lg? awk kn cantik, comel, gebu, pandai, baik hati, penyayang, berbudi bahasa, pandai masak, rajin kemas rumah. semua org pn suke kt awk. lg2 bf awk. dia syg sgt kt awk tau. awk jgn mcm ni slalu ye. awk igt la kt pe yg awk dh ade skg ni, awk ade family yg best, kwn2 yg baik, bf yg hensem. klau sy jd awk, sy rse sy la org yg pling happy dlm dunia ni. cheer up!~ mmmmuaxx:-*

  2. awk, berapa awk dpt utk tulis nate cnni kt sy ni? huhu.. awk ni mmg pndai exaggerate a, i dun loike u noe. huhu.. lg 1, berani awk ckp psl bf sy, sy sorg je leh kate die encem tau! :P ni lg 1, npe mmmmuaxxx2 sy?? huhuk.. report mak sy.. waaaaa!!