Thursday, 18 November 2010

"It's beyond repair, really!"

   For those who are reading this, "Achtung!" an early warning, my writing is plain boring. Seriously. I'm just not a good writer de facto but somehow I just feel like writing. So, you guys might wanna think twice before reading further. Almost everything I wrote was boring stuffs, just because. 

   Today was nothing much. Same old, same old. Went to class, and uh, went to the library for the first time in this second year! :) Did I mention second year? huhu~ I'm not a fan of the library and obviously the books. I only go to the library when I have to, certainly when I have assignments to be handed in, other than that time, seems impossible for anyone to see me there. What a lazy bear! Forgot to mention, I'm lazy and I'm huge, that's what makes me a lazy bear. But, I did borrow 9 books from the library just now! What a number, right?? 1 point added back! Yay me!

   Ok, enough bout that. I went to the library and while using the self check machine, I saw my reflection and it was horrible, really! haha! I can only laugh for sure. I can't remember when was the last time I look fab. I am that serabai, ok. Asked my friend who had kindly accompanied me to the library, "Don't you think I look serabai?". She is a good and nice friend. She is the kind of person who doesn't know how to judge people and teramatlah susah to even hear her say something unkind to anyone. So, you can definitely think what her answer was la kan? Thanks, babe. It was very nice of her but apparently, I knew how I looked and I don't really care, I think. I do feel inferior sometime. It would be a lie if I tell you I don't. I'm a girl after all. But, I don't know. Most of the time, I would tell people that my look and my serabai-ness is totally beyond repair. Pfftt! I'm angry, yes! with myself. And again, simply because.

   Nevertheless, I consider myself lucky. Very very lucky. No matter how bad I am or how terrible I look like, I still have family that loves and cares about me. They never treated me differently. I still have Danny who wants me as bad as before, who loves me the way I am. My friends are still my friends. And of course, I still have God with me :) He never gave His blessing to people based on their looks.

   " Kalau Is cantik and pandai bergaya, mesti syg lagi suke bawak Is jumpa kawan-kawan syg kan? At least, takde la syg segan sangat bawak Is kan."

   "Takde la, to me biarla kecantikan syg tu abg sorang je punya." (He always tells me that I am beautiful, but well, it's kinda embarassing to write it here and let the world read it kan? as if people read this :p)

Note: Thank God! Thanks family! and Thanks, hunnybee!
Love, you love me not because I am beautiful, I'm beautiful because you love me. You make me feel beautiful :) How I miss my family especially my parents and you right now!

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