Friday, 5 November 2010

and so...

 mama and abah

   ...when I'm dead bored, I will always try to find something to fill my time in (especially when I have no one to talk to, mind you that I'm the kind of person who just can't stop talking). I know i'm just sooooo annoying. Tried to talk less sometimes but then people will start to ask me, "nape diam je?", " kau ok x?". (but most of the time, its just me that couldn't last being silent, that's why :p). So, back to the story, one of my ways of killing the time is by finding something that can humor me(on the net of course). And so, these are the things that has caught my attention:

1. All men are born free and equal. If they go and get married that's their own fault.

2. Courtship: Is like looking at the beautiful photos in a seed catalog. Marriage: Is what actually comes up in your garden.

3. Everything I owe, I owe because of my wife.

      4.  Wife:         'What are you doing?' 
        Husband:     Nothing.
        Wife:         'Nothing...?  You've been reading our marriage certificate for an hour.'
        Husband:  ;    'I was looking for the expiry date.' 

     So, here are some questions. Is being married a bad thing? Is marriage so dreadful? Why is marriage so difficult? Here are the reasons I can come up with (after reading some articles out of curiousity, of course). Because even though you are now living as one, you are still two different people with different wants and needs. Because two becoming one is extremely demanding. Know the three-legged race, when two people tie your inner legs together and try to run in harmony? Challenging and difficult. You must work as a team and surrender personal ego. You have to be tolerant. As a saying goes, marriage is a gamble, no one will know what will happen in their married lives, be it if he/she is a fortune teller (if they really are someone who claims the ability to predict the future, why are they still a fortune teller and not the prime minister or Bill Gates?).
Success in marriage doesn’t belong to those who throw the best wedding party, but rather to those who practice at the art of marriage. 

   For a marriage to be successful, two people have to work hard to find a formula that works for them. That means sacrifice, kindness, caring, patience and acceptance, but occasionally it will mean going toe to toe until you reach an understanding. Truth is, marriage is difficult. However, that doesn't mean that it's impossible, right? I know that I'm not yet married and I'm not someone wise to be talking about this matter (since I haven't experience married life) but I have parents, grandparents and I've seen many couples that have been married for a long time and they are still happy and want to be with each other so badly and even I sometimes can see and feel the sparks between them (usually bile kite tgk dorg ni kite rase sweet sgt). But at least this is how I feel about marriage, it's as same as life, never been easy and never intended to be. Life is difficult, it requires a lot of works and problem solving. So, move ahead, try solving the problems rather than finding an easy way out. Marriage is the same, accept the fact that it is more than just falling in love, it demands an awful lot of works but after all the efforts and hassles, you'll know that  it is more than worth the struggles.

   Again, I'm not married yet but I intended to be married someday, with my very special someone of course. It's easy to talk about things especially something we haven't gone through, I know. So, pardon me. This is just what I personally think. Whatever it is, I hope me and my significant other will be able to handle whatever that comes in our life later on and be just like our parents, happily married and blessed with good children (I'm definitely one of them). haha.. And I guess that I'm going to be just like abah, very very very clingy because that's what I am now (ask Danny, he knows and he wouldn't deny it). Bear with me ye, darl. I'm happy now but of course we have been into a lot of hurdles but at the end of the day, we always say that everything we've been through, its really really worth it. At least I feel that:) Thank God for this wonderful guy You've sent me.

   To those guys out there, don't be afraid or tremble whenever you found jokes like those up there because not only marriage, nothing in life is ever easy.

hope to be like mama and abah, Insyallah :)

note: mama and abah, semoga mendapat haji yang mabrur and always be in good health! love you both! *hugs* xoxo~

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