Thursday, 2 December 2010

blessed snow

class was canceled due to the bad weather. the cancellation hurt me bad. I was upset. frustrated. furious.and there goes all the verbs in the dictionary. i'm just kidding. gile tak happy happy meal?? it wasn't a teeny weeny bit of joy that I felt. it was in fact a blessing, duhh~  they whacked me with the lucky stick this morning, i guess. and, they whacked me good yo!

I was kinda hoping for the class to be canceled today. Really. wasn't my initial intention to go to class today. but I knew I had to, since I already played truant last Friday. but luckily,  class really was canceled then! motherly instinct?? nahh.. more like, a lazy-bum-student instinct :) seronok yang tak terkata. but i did say something after knowing the whole campus was closed because of the snow. "U tutup sampai bile eyh? esok tutup lagi tak?". see, how concern I was. 

Thought of continuing my disturbed-sleep. but before I went back to sleep, thought why should I waste my effort bangun awal pagi, mandi and got dressed, right? put on my boots and...

jakun :)

asda moment :P

kejakunan makin terserlah :P

1 more week and I'll be off to germany! main lebih banyak snow there and go skiing I suppose!more important, beta mahu makan sedap! anyone who's already waiting for my presence there?? Mr. Chef, perhaps? sile angkat tangan :P hopefully my flight won't be canceled.

note: White Christmas would definitely be nice, but come on. it's early December.

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