Friday, 10 December 2010

moh kite!

     Yayy! Its holiday! finally :) I'm very very happy. the term has come to an end. Bid goodbye to the first term and HAYLOOOO winter hols! 
gosh, I'm very grateful that today went well. I guess. showed my assignment to Pam and it was good*sounds promising*, according to her. Alhamdulillah. hopefully the result will be OK too. or maybe not just OK, better than that. I hope. Mandarin test went well too. Alhamdulillah jugak! so, I'm gonna enjoy the rest of today and go to bed early because, Germany is waiting for me tomorrow! yayyy! nak pegi jalan sampai lebam then, hopefully I'll be starting up fresh for the new term, InsyaAllah :) ahh, one more good news to share, Danny has got a job interview! pray that he'll do well. and pray that Eijum (my big sister) will get the job offer from the company she went for interview. 

     And yeah, talked to my mum on the phone just now. and my lil' sister too this afternoon. I'm very happy that I talked to them. I miss them sooo much! unfortunately, my lil' sis doesn't feel well. I'll pray for your well being sis. hope you get better soon. Mama and abah, make sure both of you come and visit us here as promised. and I'm glad that u both are well and happy. Thanks for you prayer for us and Danny. we'll always mention both of u in our prayer as well.* hugsss*

   So, I already packed my things. hope that nothing is missing because I don't wanna waste my money buying those missing things in Germany. especially owing to the fact that stuffs in Germany are much more expensive compared to the stuffs in the UK. One more thing, I hope our hols' plan will go as planned. what plan? I'm not telling. I don't wanna jinx it. lols! to friends in Canterbury, see you guys in a month time! Sayonara, Canterbury! don't miss me because I'm no good to you :P

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