Friday, 3 December 2010

How would you describe an APPLE?

Christchurch is still close today. So it means 2 days off since yesterday. yayy me! Technically, bile kite diberikan cuti, kite mestilah menggunakan cuti itu sebaik-baiknya. So, don't bother doing your assignment. Because it's a day, it's a day, it's a holi-holiday!

*drooling my eyes* pretending not to have any assignment to be handed in next Wednesday, which is according to the Islamic and Gregorian calendar will be in 5 days time,  I began to spend my days off wisely (too long for a sentence, right? I don't care.haha).

A wisely thought question: How would you describe an apple? I came across this after reading "The Oxbridge Questions". An interesting book which I bought a long time ago at The Works, kedai buku yang sangat laa best. Buku dah nak bersawang, baru nak start baca. So, lets get back to the question.

How would you describe an apple?

From New York City to Macintosh computers, apple stands for everything from the true knowledge to all that wholesome, all in a tidy little package. A child is the 'apple of his parents' eyes'. A good kid gone rotten is described as 'a bad apple'. In fact, apples are pretty much everything you want them to be. It all depends on you and way you describe them.

Different people has different interpretation of an apple. How far is this true? if you are...

an artist, you might describe an apple as a roundish fruit, about the size of tennis ball. not quite round though. a shallow one at the bottom, deeper one at the top where the stalk is attached. some have glossy and waxy look, while others look rougher and densely coloured. vary in hue, from whitish green to golden yellow, from russet brown to bright crimson. and there goes all the colours you can and even cannot find in the world.

a mathematician, you might come out with a description from a different angle. this would be tricky and complicated because there are variable of shapes of apples likewise shapes themselves. might be simpler to describe its shape as 'apploid'. we might even be smart enough to come up with an equation for the so called apploid. but, this might provoke all the students from around the world's anger. obviously because they are now burdened with one more equation to be learnt and memorised. I know it will because I'm a student. I always blame those clever philosophers who came up with all the new findings and equations.

an organic chemist, might describe an apple as an arrangement of cellulose in cells containing water, sugars,acid,vitamins,minerals and so forth. Damn, I'm good. LOLS~ mind you, I just did something related to this for my assignment.

a mythologist, could describe an apple in many many many ways. duhh, MYTHologist. pretty much, every culture has its own special apple stories. one that I heard, Golden Apple were the fruits of the Greek Tree of Life, correct me if I'm wrong. but, definitely not Malay. not that we are being racist but, it's just that apple is not the kind of fruit that grows in Malaysia.

a greengrocer might describe apple as sweet and crisp fruit, delicious, juicy, etc.

a cook might add that apple is a versatile fruit, which can be used in many kind of dishes such as apple pie and apple crumble.

you, you know who, apple is a buah, a fruit, simple as it is :)

disappointed audience, apple might be a critical movie or theatre reviews.

Isaac Newton, its a matter of gravity.

and there are many more definitions of an apple that can be written if I am to include them here. no offense to those other people, ok?

so my point here is, different people has different school of thought. different people sees different things. hence, we should not think of ourselves as superior and that we know it all and we are always right. look at things from different point of views, you'll be surprised as I am now.

tak percaya? look back, this long entry is actually just about a fruit called 'apple'. right? *wink*

note: as for me, I think apple is a fruit which is, if taken daily, it'll ruin Doc's business! cheers!

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