Monday, 20 December 2010

identity crisis

Gosh! I've been thinking lately. a lot. so not Ismatul, right? yeah, so not. Its giving me headache. guess this is the stage where we are trying to figure out what we want to be, what should we be and what we want others to see us as and whats not. its annoying you see. on the second thought, not really annoying. its actually confusing. is it important for us to have an identity? duhh.. need me to answer that? before, i don't really care about this. i mean, just be whatever you want to be as long as you are real. you are not being fake. you are being who you are. but i guess it doesn't work that way. we are living in this world with others too, so we have to consider people around us as well. not that you have to be someone people around you want you to be. pretty confusing huh? lets just put it this way, be someone you think you want to be and you want others to see as but just don't annoy people and don't mess with others. in other words, jadilah apepun just xpayah nak susahkan idup orang lain. However, it is advisable for us to be good people. that way, we'll live a happy life and we wont regret it in our lives later on. don't you think so? and one more thing, along the way we can learn things from others' experiences. i mean, look at your nearest role models. example, parents. do you want to be like them? in my case, yes. i  want to be like them. we can learn from them, can we? learn how to behave, how to socialise and so on. if you want people to respect you, be and act as someone who you think deserve to be respected. well, respect is something you have to earn, not to demand. i'm not writing here to nag or give advice to anyone. more like i'm talking to myself. i've been thinking a lot lately, yet i don't know where to spill all my thoughts. guess, this is when a blog can be useful to me huh? gosh, i'm missing my family so bad, one of the reasons as to why i've been doing a lot of thinking. okla, makan time!


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