Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Je t'aime^^

Salut! Paris ohh Paris...romantic, beautiful, historical city? not quite so...

canon cyber-shot pn bole bokeh la....

We were there during our summer holidays 2010 before we went back to Malaysia. We spent 4 days 3 nites in the outskirt of Paris. we weren't that far from the town centre though. The famous Moulin Rouge was near by but we haven't got the chance 2 go in n watch the show as the price of the ticket was stupidly expensive(stupid bcoz I can't afford it..*sigh*).. Anyhow, Paris was really...i mean really2 'indah khabar dari rupa' *sigh lagi*... Slalu orang kate bestnye klau dapat g paris, especially klau dapat honeymoon kt paris sbb paris romantik, cantik, grand...duh~ plisss la... Yes Eiffel Tower was magnificent, BUT as we spent our time there, I realised that it was rather annoying. Every step we made, there will always be a macha or a blackie (what are u, a racist??) came to us and offered us...ermm...actually they persuaded us in the annoying kinda way to buy some key chains of Eiffel Tower and even wine from them. 1 good thing about that was, we managed to get ourselves a pretty great bargain for the key chains tho.haha.. But wait for it, as soon as you've settled your business with one macha, the other machas will come to you offering and again persuading you to buy the same things you'd just bought from his friends. That was another annoying part..haish..

The story of 'indah khabar dari rupa of Paris' didn't end there. Here comes the worst part of it, the subway in Paris was really2 horrible, smelly and so damn disgusting. It was horrible owing the fact that the service was unreachable in certain part of the city. We have to get on a bus to reach our destination. I would say, London and Munich have way better service. Another thing, when we was walking underground in the subway to get to another line service, I saw a man doing a business that was supposed to be done in the TOILET. The man took a piss at one corner while other people were rushing to get in a tram. No wonder the subways there smell like a public toilet in Malaysia..it's not too much for me to say that some people there are clearly uncivilized and are undoubtedly left out from the modernized world...aiaiai~

Okla...enuff with the nasty part of Paris. Skg nk cerita pasal pe yg bestnye Paris ni. Paris best sebab ade Disneyland!huhuhu.. tu je la yg best.. Here are some pics of me n my sweetie kat Disneyland Paris. Anyhow, it was a blast going there with my cutie girl ni. Actually Disneyland Paris is in one of her to-do-list. Wish granted...but still lots more to go ^.^ next year pnye summer hols blom decide lg nk g mane, but for sure we'll have tons of fun together again.weeehooo!~

I'm the buffest of all.muahahaha!~

those up there were some of the pictures taken when we were in Paris. Particularly at Notre Dame, The Lourve, Eiffel tower and Paris Disneyland~



  1. what are u, a racist?? ahaks~

  2. mane ade...our 'yellow friends' in malaysia yg racist..haish..


  3. honey bunch sugar plum, my to-do-list pun ke paris. n honeymoon pun ke paris.. hoh lamak! kena tukar kerrrr?? ngeeeeeeeee.. btw, nice holiday u had.. :D

  4. paris busoookk! HONEYMOON TMPT LEN.. KE U DH BLI TIKET?? :P