Thursday, 7 April 2011

the weirdest dream

   I had the weirdest dream today. come to think of it, I think it was horrifying and terrible. long story short, I was at this one camp, more or less like the national service camp (I've been to one when I was 17). but it was quite strange that most of my friends there were my friends from my primary and secondary schools. me and my besties went for kayaking. all of a sudden, I wondered how we'd managed to do kayaking on the ground instead of in the water. I was sitting at the front and tell you the truth, it was the worst experience ever. We rowed the kayak on the ground and oddly, around a lake. and why we didn,t row the boat in the water? that I found very bizarre. Then we had an accident in which the boat hit a rock and we were all thrown out of the boat. and did I mention, the lake we were circling had crocodiles inside?? so, as we fell, one crocodile went after my friend because we were running to different directions. and while running I thought I was in the safe zone. well, not quite. because I happened to run passed a tiger's field. and indubitably I tried my best to run and at the same time make sure that the tiger didn't see me. I was lucky though. however, that was not the end. I was so tired from all the running and escaping that I took a rest on a green. it was a safe place because it was full with other campers. abruptly, I saw four people carrying something on a piece of white sheet and there was this red liquid dripping from the sheet. as they got near, I just couldn't believe my eyes with what I saw. they were actually carrying a dead baby! how cruel was that? but they weren't the people responsible for the death. they were just some people who were working for the forensic. then I looked at the baby again and I was so sad because I just didn't understand why there were people out there who could harm an innocent child. what a shame. and well, the disturbance woke me up from my weird dream.

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