Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I stand corrected

   and I thought I ONLY have three assignments since professional experience and contemporary education issues are basically the same subject. But HELL NO! I stand corrected. yes they are both under one subject but they are two different assignments. Oh, Viv and Vanessa, why do you really have to do this to me? I had been very calm knowing that I have three assignments which are still a lot but I think I can manage. now, realising that I actually have four assignments, I don't even know which should I start first. busy, busy, busy. yet, I still haven't start with anything and I dare to say that I'm busy. it's very depressing now. but I know, once I've finished with my assignments, the feeling is rewarding. but in the meantime, have to juggle with all these assignments.


  1. be tough mummy! u can do it! *pdhl sndiri pn xleh juggle with assgnments. adehh =='*

  2. bby!! hikhik.. mummy dh nk pengsan dah.. xmacam cuti pn :( huhuk.. bby wtkn esemen mmy nk?? *puppy dog eye*