Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Spring is here!

Spring is here! why doesn't my heart go dancing? lalalala~ yeah, because of the assignments! Gosh, how could you forget that?
3 down anyway.
yet, I have 1 more to go.
and ofcourse, a lot more to come. exams, of course. *eyes drooling*
so, nothing is new I think.
but I'm glad to share with you some of the pictures.
how spring is here, in Canterbury.
in case you are wondering, I'm the one holding the camera. ngee :D

the Brits, they just love sunshine.

this is the path I take everyday

my neighbour's house. isn't it pretty?

the view from my room.
zekzek, performing her zohor prayer :)

I'm not really sure what they call this place but it's there. hehe

look at the messy table. we were working so hard, ok.

that day, Ivon restrained herself from checking her facebook and mail. she told me she was 'fasting'.
and the two last pictures up here are something extra for you. I meant, for IVON. been begging asking me to upload her pictures and write about her many many times. she just love the publicity. haha. so Ivon, if you are reading this, then the debt is paid. in fact, you owe me for the publicity, howkey!

and I think, Mr Danny might have some other interesting places to share with us here. I'll ask him to if he refuses. :)


  1. why is she praying outside?

  2. RS: haha. we were walking at the Westgate garden that time and it was already time for zohor prayer. she was scared that she'll miss her prayer. So, she decided to perform her zohor prayer there.