Friday, 8 April 2011

"what my father always says"

   well, a strange way of starting an entry but I promise, it won't be a long one. this entry is specially made for us, the finger pointers. why I say us? cause whether we realised it or not, sometimes we tend to point fingers to others when things happened. and yeah, sad to say, I think I might had been that person before. (not very sure but I usually try my best not to be so judgmental). 
   when someone came to you and told you this and that, what had happened to him or her and this one person did this to her or him. what do you usually do? especially when the story teller is someone so close to you. I think I know. "oh, that Blender!" or "that son of a hamster!" (I'm not saying that everybody says that but, you know what I mean kan?) people usually tend to take side. and the question is, whose side are you on? usually and definitely the one who is close to you and the one who opens up to you. true? unless you are the kind of person who can think maturely before judging others. well, listen. here is what you should do. stop blaming anyone. you only listen to one party, how about the other party. don't you think that it is unfair? and if you know anything, maybe you should never get involved. yes, you can listen to them but that should be just about it. ask me why? hear what my father always says, 
" It takes two to tango."
   it's not just a matter of one person, both should have equal responsibility for things that'd happened. I know, it's just too good to be true. *wink*


  1. it takes two to tango?

    owh..i love that!

  2. :) it sounds good, isn't it? :) love it too!