Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

   It was yesterday, the joyful day for Prince William and his university's sweetheart, Kate. They were pronounced husband and wife at precisely 11.20 am. I knew it, because I watched the ceremony, ok! on a streaming website T_T 
   some of my friends went to London to witness the big day for England themselves. However, due to my tight schedule, my priority (resting at home) and of course, for not being invited by the Queen herself (dream on, is), I decided not to go.
   I'm not very sure whether it's a regrettable decision, but so far I'm feeling okay. I know my friends can come out with an awful lot of reasons why I should go. It's just that I'm not a fan of crowds. It was reported that the ceremony was watched by 2 million people worldwide, so I guess I just saved myself from getting pushed by the crowds.
   I didn't really watch the whole ceremony but I managed to watch the rising part, the 'I will' part. It was nothing like I ever imagined. I blame movies and TV shows for this. they didn't kiss after the 'I do' part like what I've seen on TV. they only kissed outside of the Westminster Abbey. 
   the most interesting part of the ceremony I thought was the part where I can see people's outfits. Love the hats! very posh and elegance. I'm thinking of getting one for myself. *thinking* and speaking of Posh, she looked stunning for a seven-months pregnant woman. it can be tricky to dress a baby bump but, she just managed to do it. in fact, I just couldn't understand how she was able to wear a very high pump during her 7 moths pregnancy. well, it's true beauty is pain. but, tell you the truth, I don't think I can wear high heels which are more than 2 inches high, even not being pregnant.
   How magical people said the wedding was, I think it just felt different. seeing the English wedding, in comparison to our Malay weddings. how I am grateful that I am a Malay and a Muslim.

source: British Monarch
p/s: I love Joss Stone's red dress and definitely her hat!


  1. there's something about English weddings which I like more though. I like the vows they have to make. I find that so romantic and I wish we could do that too! Actually we can, we just don't.

    English weddings are actually waaay more simpler than Asian weddings. Malays like to go over the top sometimes!!

  2. I agree at some points. but I English wedding is simpler in a sense that they don't really have those adat and everything. but still, they do have the reception and so on. but yeah, sometimes Malays like to go over the top, that's undeniable. well, maybe because its one in a lifetime. huhu :)