Wednesday, 13 April 2011

meine short break

   It is still my spring holiday (a month holiday) but I had to shorten my holiday (when I say shorten it means, shorten my stay in Germany) due to the awaiting piled up assignments. Assignments banyak macam dah nak buat master lagi. 4 different assignments and each have to be up to 3500 words in length. berpeluh otak ni memikio. belum start with the writing lagi. Oh God, help me. give me some strength to carry on. The short stay in Germany was worth it somehow. Since I need to start all my written assignments in which if to be calculated will be more than 10 000 words, I will not proceed with any story telling here and let pictures do the rest (as if people really wanna read it).
I don't even know the name of this place but it's nice

awesome oo munich! (jakun)

english garden

omputih memang suke berjemur.

danny robocop

munchen at nite

donau, deggendorf