Friday, 15 April 2011

to you, with love

I'm talking about the one at the back there wearing red sweater not this fury thinggy (ninchin). Sorry, ninchin.should ask ninchen to start a blog. huhu.

   The more I see you, the more I fall for you.

okay, I know I should have edited the picture first. but I'm too lazy busy.

Thank you, for being you.
*lovey dovey mode*

and they live happily ever after


  1. opss! my boyfriend, actually. he studies in germany, same place with my sis. so, I see him every time I visit my sis. 3 of us and wif some other frens travel together most of the time. (long explanation, rite? just don't want u to get me wrong.huhu)

  2. haha relax lah. I won't judge u, I'm not like most Malaysians. so quick to say something bad. =) peace.

  3. well, that's a relief. haha.