Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Danny's easter break

   He left me, u see. huhuk. it has been awhile since he last had his guys' time (yeke?), he decided to go on a trip with his friends, which were all guys (that was why he was allowed to) *hehe* to somewhere in Germany, of course. he has been a busy bee for quite sometime now ever since he started his practical, so he needed the day off. and halfheartedly, I said OK. as long as, he promised just to leave me for that only one day. (i know we don't live together but, I'm under depression that time that I really need him to be with me on skype). and so, off he went.

he told me the name of the lake is Eibsee.

and that's the highest mountain in Germany, Zugspitze

this is the picture of my male bibik. :D

male bibik taking day off. :P

   I know! the place looks like those pictures we normally see on postcards, don't they? the first time he showed me these pictures while we were skyping. he showed me the pictures on his handphone. they were small, so I couldn't really see them that I went, "ooo..nice" *smiling*

   but then, when he sent me the pictures, I was like OMG! this place is stunning! I couldn't believe my eyes that was the place he went to. what a nice place to go without me, huh? *pfft*

   anyhow, he loves me so much that eventhough he needed the guys' time, he still picked up his phone each time I called him that day, which were more than twice. but still, he was quite cruel that he went "SEDAP nye KFC ni.." *once I called him when he'd just finished ordering his KFC, which is halal in Germany* why isn't there any halal KFC here? but it's ok. we have halal Subway, Indian food, Thai food, Nandos, Chomchom any many more in the UK, awak ade? hihik.. 

but am I just glad that he is back with me on skype now. *winkwink*



    MasyaAllah! Like a dream. =O

  2. al: of course I am, that's why you are like that. like mummy, like daughter. lols~

    RS: kan! it's just mind blowing. can't believe that it's real until I saw him inside the picture. haha!