Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I'm a mess

   Yes! That's what I am right now. I'm under a lot of pressure and I'm miserable at the moment. I'm flooded with assignments and they just do not seem to finish. I've finished one long essay, but I still have 3 more essays to go. and those three essays come in a package. there are about three to four different parts of each essay that I need to write. I'm feeling down. I've been spending most of my time in the university's library. but, that only helps a little. I couldn't seem to find a mojo there. then, all I can do is shed my tears. I miss a lot of things right now. *tears shed again* I'm too depressed with all the lengthy assignments and yeah, another solid reason is due to the upcoming exams. I hate exams. who does? yes, people said that without pressure you can't find diamonds. but, I really hate pressure. but again I know, there's a reason  and good behind every little thing. I really hope for what I've been through, I can ultimately find diamonds *literally or not*
 my library date,Ivon MJ (Michael Jackson).

This is what she did when she's ran out of idea. actually, this is what she does most of the time :P

 Well, I'm not going to put my picture here for two main reasons. first, you don't want to see my miserable look. (it's horrifying and really serabai) and secondly, simply because I didn't take any picture of myself at the library. haha.and see, how easily facebook distracts people. luckily I've deactivated my facebook account a long time ago.though, I don't think it would be a problem for Ivon because she is one of the top students in my course. Anyhoo, I just hope that I can complete my assignments soon. or else, you might wanna pay me a visit at the mental hospital. I wonder whether they got one in Kent. *pfft*

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