Sunday, 27 March 2011

lenses make me look pretty??

   What do you think? yes! they are wonderful. they don't cover your pretty eyes, isn't that right? definitely understand! I myself prefer lenses. but mostly because I think glasses make me look a bit older a few years and it ruins my scarf! You see, it's very important to us girls to make sure that our scarves are comfortable and most importantly, 'jadi'. Now, back to the topic. people nowadays love to wear contact lenses. and I don't think most of us realise how dangerous these seem-to-be-harmless things can do to us. nay! not just irritation, lenses can also cause blindness, people! true! it is very essential for us to let the oxygen go through our eyes. whenever we wear lenses, we are actually covering maybe about half part of our eyes from oxygen. in short, it means oxygen in eye area is reduced by half. get it?? even the best fitting contact lens causes a compromise of the oxygen supply to the cornea. When a contact lens is in the eye, not as much atmospheric oxygen gets through to the cornea as compared to when there is no contact lens on the eye. Over a long period, too little oxygen is not good. I'm not very sure how to put it best but I can tell you, I've read a few articles and it is irrefutably true that lenses deprive cornea from enough oxygen thus this sure will interfere our visions. so, what can we do contact lens' lovers? Don’t wear your contact lenses all the time. It’s important to give your corneas a regular “oxygen break”. and when I say "oxygen break", it does not mean that your corneas need to take a break from taking oxygen but it's the other way around. get what I mean? I'll assume you do. *smileee* so peeps, if you are just hanging around your house, give your eyes a break, will you? there's no need for contact lens at this time. *wink* 

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