Wednesday, 12 January 2011

one year older

Achtung! mind you this post is almost already 2 weeks written however I just realised that I haven't post it. silly me, lilly.

Hey, peeps! It's 2011, means we are a year older. lessons learnt, experiences gained. But, more to come and to happen, InsyaAllah. Thank God for the life He has given us, hope that we can be a better servant of His. So, any new year resolutions? I've never done any actually. So, all in all I think maybe I'll start the first one this year. Just hope that I'll change for good, be a better person, a better child to my parents, a better sister to my siblings, try harder, do better in everything I do, don't give up easily. 

sigh. Think I'm not really good at this resolutions thinggy. I mean, I bet I can see a very long list of new year resolutions that my friends can come up with. guess I'll just stick to this and add more and more along the way.

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