Friday, 21 January 2011

it's January-waste-your-money-month!

It's January sale! it has started for quite sometime but I never had the chance to pay the Canterbury town a visit before this. hahaha. actually, I've been avoiding myself from going there. intentionally. or else, orang yang dah sedia miskin ini akan menjadi papa. lols.

you see, I've heard from some of my friends that January sale offers you greater bargain than boxing day. I'm not very sure whether this applies to all items or just some of them. and I'm not sure how far is this true since I've never experienced boxing day. I'm always in Germany that time of the year. It's good though. Saves my money from being drained. 

so, back to the topic. It's just so tempting to see lots of stuff with cheap prices! and it's like really really cheap!

I went to town yesterday, walking and browsing alone. My jaw almost dropped. sale is everywhere! damn those big digits! the sale were up to 70% off! but I managed to prevent myself from buying anything.

I went to Zara, a lot of apparels were on sale. a red down jacket with shocking price reduction caught my eyes, apparently. It looks comfortable and nice. I thought, when will I be able to find a winter jacket with this kind of price again? I took it to the fitting room and snap some pictures of myself wearing it. nice and comfy. I didn't look like a hag. good! then, I went out and put it back where I took it before. I was able to restrain myself from that great temptation. pretty cool, huh? and then I went back home with my subway straight away(seriously rasa macam orang susah yang teringin something but couldn't afford it that time).

I didn't feel any regret somehow until I showed some of the pictures taken in the fitting room to Danny. I told him about the sale and the jacket. After seeing those pictures, he just couldn't believe that I didn't buy the jacket. So, he persuaded me to go to Zara again and get it for myself the next day. he even threaten me not to go back home if I don't buy that jacket the next day. lols Mr. Bf :) I love you so much! (intermission).

and so I went to the town again this afternoon after meeting my mentor. guess what? the jacket was still there but, the price is even lower that before! Good God! I was sooooo happy! happy that Danny persuaded me to buy the jacket. happy that it's even more cheap. happy that I didn't buy it yesterday. So, ape tunggu lagi??  I sebat la the jacket!

goodbye to old jacket?
I'm actually thin. it's the jacket that makes me look fat.
I finally bought the jacket for myself. yay me! It's a shame though. I really wish that Danny was here actually. if he is, rasanya langkah panjang lagi kot. I bet that we'll definitely go to all or most of the shops in the high street. but, since he is not here, I only went to Zara je.

anyhow, apart from the jacket, I also bought myself a belt from Zara. believe it or not, these two items cost  me less than 20 pound altogether! don't you just love sale?  But, one thing I learnt, I shouldn't go to Zara again after this. at least not until the sale is over. I just don't wanna be frustrated if I see the price of  the very same item I just bought, the down jacket in particular, is reduced further.


  1. nice aite? sure u'll regret it if i didnt force u to buy d jacket.
    u're plumy with dat jacket tho.hehe:P


  2. it is indeed, very nice! danke, bby! :) hihik.. bt it'll be really great if u cn come and enjoy the sale with me. be it if we don't really have money to be spent pun. ur company pun dah ckup :)btw, it's da jacket, howkey?? :P

  3. d jacket is nice...but the girl in it is.................hehe........beautiful;)

    -yours truly-