Sunday, 30 January 2011

I feel inspired!

   Yes, I'm inspired! and today, I'm like 2,3 times inspired! not inspired to start any part of my tonnes assignments tho. just feel motivated to do or try some new things. I'm really free despite the fact that I have a lot of assignments and the best part is, I don't even bother to do or even start any teeny weeny bit of my piled -up assignments. *sigh* been spending the whole day, na-ah. in fact, the whole weekend going online. what a surprise. I think Mr. Danny had already given up, trying to push me to start off  with my assignments. don't give up on me, bebeh! LOL

   enough said about assignments. or else, I'm gonna start worrying. let me be worried later, k. huhu.. so, today was spent wisely. I went online the entire day. in fact, I still am now. don't blame me, blame the internet. look internet, how you've spoil me! I browsed this, that, here and there. then I watched a youtube video. I can't really remember how I came across this video. It's a make-up tutorial video. it was AWESOME! I mean, to a plain and dull girl like me, of course I'll say so. I never really like doing make up. not that I hate it, but I just don't know how to. I do have a set of Estee-Lauder make up which my aunt bought for me last year. yet, they still look brand new because I never really use them.  pity them, huh? note that I did use them in certain occasions.but thanks to the videos, by Michelle Phan, I feel like starting using them! on I-don't-know-when day. LOL. the videos she did are all cool, I would say. I first watched a video of her, teaching viewers how to do make up for people who are wearing glasses. It has caught my attention that I then started to look for more of her videos. they are all very interesting and easy for a slow learner like me to follow. Thanks, Michelle Phan!

   When I was still dreaming of myself with make up on*I'm over cloud nine*, then I came across some blogs whic had given me some more inspiration. mind you that I really love reading others' blogs. but I wonder, why others don't really love to read mine. Oh yes, I'm that lame. huhu.. But who cares. I mean, that's not really my initial intention of having a blog, am I? :P so, getting back to the topic. I was inspired just by looking at their pictures. I mean, come on, who wouldn't? I'm a girl, and girls do like to see nice and beautiful things. which in my case, beautiful people.Gosh! they look so beautiful that I just couldn't resist myself from scrolling further down and then forcing Mr. Danny to have a look at them too. but smart Mr. Danny though. How can he say that other girls look better than me, kan? not directly to me at least. huhu.. but what inspired me was, the way they dressed up. or should I say, the way they wore their head scarves. they were mind blowing! the colours, how they present them. Gosh! sometimes, I wish I can try those styles on me. nevertheless, I'm not really sure whether they suit me. but, see la how. I'm the kind of person yang sekejap je rasa nak something, than after a while, I will want other things that I'll forget about the earlier thing that I want. haha.. I think it's a good thing somehow :)

speaking of inspiring, see how I managed to inspire Mr. Danny (by force) to do the colouring :P

and my sister as well :P

   Although I said that I'm the kind of person who easily forgets her initial intention, I never forget that I want to make mama and abah proud, I want Mr. Danny, yadda yadda.. and, definitely I never forget that I want to keep on improving my English! yes! and that brings us to the third inspirational thing for today that had something to do with a blog which belongs to someone I look up to. I admire her so much. She's like a girl with full package and her English is superb! I love reading her blog simply because the language used in the blog. it's just enough to get me thinking, " I wanna be like you.." *blink blink* I really love English but sometimes I just feel like my English sucks and yet, I still wanna be an English teacher . perhaps a lecturer someday. I dunno but one thing for sure, I'll definitely try harder and harder for the sake of improving my English. and hoping that I will be able to inspire other people pulak. like the saying goes, great teachers inspire, great students perspire* wink wink* I made up the last part. but it's true! berpeluh ni nak jadi student cemerlang. but apparently, I'm not one of them. sad huh? :(

again, it turns out to be quite a lengthy entry after all, isn't it?

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