Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Dear you

Dear you,
   I'm writing not because I envy you. not even a teeny weeny bit of that unpleasant feeling. really. I'm writing because I'm just so sick, tired and annoyed. why does it always has to be about you? do you really think that the world revolves just around you? you are not that superior person you think you are. you are not. look around. there are many other people out there who are just as special as you are or just even better than you. can't you see that? can't you admit that? can't you accept that?

   Could you learn to listen to others? good enough if you can at least pretend to, I guess. could you stop hurting others' feelings? could you at least try to understand that people have hearts? they have feelings. their voice counts. you might wanna listen to others' opinions and perhaps think and realise, "that's brilliant!", "s/ he's good!", or maybe, "s/ he's true and I'm wrong!". know that it's good to be able to speak up for yourself but, maybe you should mind the occasion as well. you come from a good background, you should now better.

Dear you,
   we are all humans. we are all equal. each one of us has different talent, gift. you have yours, others have theirs and I might have mine. everybody deserves to be respected. how can you demand respect when you didn't give it to others? you, yourself know that your patience have limit. ergo, you might as well wanna think that others have got theirs as well.

   you won't get respect from bragging, if I may say so and telling this and that about yourself. maybe you are what you've been telling people around you. if you really are, you don't need to tell people about it because,  incidentally, one very fine day, they will see it and realise it themselves.

   I know that I'm not perfect. but who is? I want to change for better. wouldn't you wanna do the same? stop judging people, will you? and stop talking back. you won't lose anything for being humble. you really won't. in fact, the worst can happen is that you may actually spare yourself from humiliation and shame.

   again, I know that I'm no angel nor a saint. for I'm a human and I've sinned. I'm writing this to remind myself as well. I don't say that I'm better than you but, that doesn't mean that you are better than me or anyone else. but, it would be good if you could come to your conscience and say it to yourself, "for who I am, that does not mean I'm better than anyone else."

p/s: self-adoring or self-admiring might be good from certain angles and aspects. but please, not too much.

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