Saturday, 29 January 2011

Dear 'naughty boy'.

adik, me and abang.
    It's my second entry for today. this entry is dedicated to my lil' brother, the most cheeky and naughty in the family. and of course, the reason as to why this entry is written is to wish you a "very very happy birthday!". Kak Is and Kak Aimi miss you so much! in fact, we miss everybody at home so much! 

you always wanna wear my pink cloth just to piss me off. pff!

   so, you are 15 this year. how time flies so fast. I don't remember seeing you getting big so fast. Anyhow, wish that the whole family can be with you today to celebrate this special day. heard that you've been very busy now with school and study. I'm happy to know that. I hope you are doing well and wish that it's worth the work and the hardship you go through. don't worry, it will. we'll pray for you.

   since I can't be there or even call you, this is the best thing that I could do. Warmest thoughts I send today for you and hope this will last the whole year through. as each and everyday goes by, I wish that life is always good to you. Remember we love you lots and we want the very best for you. one more thing, know that you’re deep within my thoughts. Happy Birthday, Adik!!

and here goes,

This is a special wish for you,
Although we're miles apart.
Remember dear brother, 
You're always close in my heart.
We may not be together On this very special day.
but I wish all the best for you 
And that it's great in every way.
Muhammad :)

Another wish I have for you Is that, may this life brings Many blessings in your future.

p/s: don't be upset because the best is yet to come ye adik! I promise! :)

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