Saturday, 29 January 2011

fish-based food!

   it has been awhile since I last ate chicken-based food. I was once a person who thought that I could never live without chicken. but now, I'm actually enjoying this fishy-fever. some of the fish in Asda were on roll back and I was like so effing lucky that the sea bass price went down! bought three of those! :)

   with my refrigerator filled with fishy, I just couldn't resist myself from browsing and searching for fishy recipes. they are all mouth watering yaww! I also found the fish soup recipe in which, just by looking at it, I can feel like my saliva is dripping! gosh! I can still remember the taste of the fish soup which I usually eat at Mahani and Johari restaurant! It was fantastic! marvelous! yummie! I thought of trying out the recipe but definitely not today. I'm waiting for my eating partner to be here than only we'll carry on with the experiment!

   as for today, I'll still eat fish but maybe fish curry. mind you, my first experiment as well. my mum is a good-fish-curry cook, but I never care to learn. huhu~ living away from her now, make me realised how stupid I was back then. sorry mama :( so, I supposed it's curry time! bye, peeps! :)

p/s: I'm trying to lose my weight. I think it's impossible, somehow. huhuk :(

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