Wednesday, 18 May 2011

This is randomly random

   *woot woot* I'm so happy and I'm deep relief that I had finally finished all my 'killer' papers. And I've been acting as if I have no more exam ever since. I'm on cloud nine *super duper happy *. 
   Well actually, I still have one more paper to sit for, which is my Mandarin paper. But, I'd already planned for my getaway. Oh, did I mention that it's still not the end of my term yet? haha.
   I know, I know, I should focus on my paper first, but I really couldn't help it. Besides, it's just Mandarin. I guess. Not that I'm really good at it but I think it won't be that hard. It's my elective paper actually. So, I think I need not worry about it too much. haha. 
   And yes, I really love learning languages. I am not particularly sure why but I personally feel that it's such an advantage to know, understand and to be able to talk in more than just a language. Oh, yes Malay Language is not the only language I know *telling the obvious* haha. 
   Back in school, I studied Japanese Language for four years for my foreign language subject and I did quite well for my National Japanese Language Exam (I'm not sure what do they really call the exam). And now, I'm taking Mandarin as my elective and still learning Deutsch with my sister and Mr. Danny and of course, the TV. In fact, to encourage me to learn Deutsch, my sister bought me a Deutsch book so that I will be able to learn the language myself. She just know that I'm so into languages. Thanks, akak.
   My passion for languages is one of the reasons why I chose to further my study in this particular course.  Well, to those who are still wondering about my course of study, I am actually doing TESL (Teaching English as Second Language). Yeap, I'm going to be a teacher. An English teacher. God's willing, I wish I will be able to continue with a master degree at the least. 
   Anyways, regarding the getaway aforementioned, let me keep it in the dark at the moment. But, I promise I'll spill the beans once everything goes as planned, okay. *wink* Alright already, I'll give you some hints. It has something to do with the loved ones and also nature. 
   Hey, look at the post's title back! told you so. huhu. You've been warned, don't you? sorry guys.
   Okay, enough said. Pray that I'll do well for my Mandarin exam!  =) Till then, oyasuminasai, gute nacht, wan an, and good night!


  1. I love learning languages too!!! I reeeally wish I could learn a language for uni but all my modules are compulsory and doesn't make room for a language class. =(

    I've learnt Spanish for 2 years. I really want to learn Cantonese, Arabic and French!! Maybe Italian too =p It's just wonderful to speak in many languages!

  2. RS: yeap! my English is still not very good but I really wanna improve it. oohh, that's a shame but at least you already know spanish. Was it hard learning the language?

    able to speak many languages, It's awesomeeee!! hahahah.But, when we rarely use it,they'll slowly fade.

  3. Hey there, I think being multi-lingual is so awesome! Pretty impressed at how you are determined to learn Deutsch on your own. I'm currently learning French, it's a little taxing considering 6 hours per week with 3 papers to sit for Finals but it was more than worthy when I set foot to Paris and being able to the speak the language was the Icing on the cake. Hope your Mandarin paper goes well =)

  4. Hey back! =) It is quite nice to no a few languages. But learning on our own is quite hard because of all the grammar and stuffs. Some of my friends here also learn French, I love it when they speak the language. and my BF is also learning the language, sounds very romantic even though I couldn't really understand what was he saying =)

    Its really good that you were able to practice the language when u are there, very2 cool! Looks like you've been doing well with your french then. Thanks, dear!

  5. Shareen: *know

    pardon my spelling mistake :)

  6. ah? didn't you left the book in my house ke?nahnahnah:P