Thursday, 5 May 2011

shall we?

   my lecturer, Mark asked us today how do we say "shall we get on to this?" of course, most of my friends tried to say it and they all sounded the same, nothing different from the way Mark said it, "shall we get on to this". but, funnily they were trying to hard which made it sound all Malaysian and a little weird I must say. sorry guys. I'm proud to tell you, I didn't try saying it at all because I was still trying to think, "really, what do you expect us to say?" I simply didn't understand the main purpose of Mark's question. (I'm that slow ) And before the class got more chaotic with almost everyone attempting to say and pronounce the sentence, hoping to say it the way he would want us to, he then told us: "this is how you say it;
"shwi get on to this". 
   Ladies and gentlemen, and that's how the native would say it. silly enough, I answered him, "Yes, we shhh" omitting the we or 'wi'. to those who didn't get it, I was trying to say, "yes, we shall". I know, it wasn't even funny. but I'm glad zack laughed (not sure whether it was genuine or she was just being a good friend but it did make me smile). hehe. Danny, if you are reading this, LAUGH! THIS IS AN ORDER.


  1. ermm...ate..teman bukannye duk paham le jugak teman mampu t'sengeh je le..sori ye..xdele lawak sgt.nahnahnah~ :P

  2. ni teman nk kabo ke awok. nape nye yg kureng sgt ni? siap gamok lagi nak cakap sori pastu bulih pulak kabo kat teman xdele lawak sangat. pastu, di tambah lagi gelak jahat. ini dah melampau ni! dh, xleh dtg jenguk blog teman dah lepas ni. huhu