Monday, 9 May 2011

Going on a battle!

   yes! I'm going on a battle, tomorrow! my first paper for my second year exams. 

   and of course, I'm in an agitation mood. Who won't be this time of the year? I'm glad you said that. But unlike what people normally feel, which is this kind of fear for exams, I'm scared that I don't even know and don't even feel like reading/ studying. 

   OMG! What is wrong with me? Have I went berserk? Yeah. In fact, you always are, Issy.

   This is so different from last year when I actually studied extremely hard for my exams. 

   Yes, I read. oh, yes, did I not mention that I revise? 

   well, that's about it. because, in a way I kinda feel that what went inside my head straight away went out. what a waste, huh?
   not that my parents didn't tell me to be prepared and go to the exam hall with a peace mind. fortunately, they did! tell you the truth, I am shockingly calm however I'm not certain that I'm prepared. hope I am.

   well, the point is not that I can't even and don't even feel like studying. I am actually in a very tranquil mind right now.and this is worrying me!

   and now, I decided to put my exams schedule here because, whenever people asked me, I can't even tell when is the exact date and time of exams. I never bother looking at the exams' timetable. I tell you, this is irrefutably bizarre. I have never felt like this during exams my entire life.

Tuesday, 10/5, 4pm-5pm : Investigating English
Wednesday, 11/5, 1pm-3pm: English Language Teaching Methodology
Monday, 16/5, 1pm-3pm: Language Awareness
Tuesday, 17/5, 4pm-6pm: Contemporary Education Issues

25/5 (which I'm still not sure what day and what time) : Mandarin writing exams

   wish me luck, and do pray for me. don't worry, I promise I will study and do my very best. Pray that I'll thrive, ya! 
this picture makes me feel like I'm actually studying somehow.

but, looks can be very deceiving. pictures too.

Pictures speak a thousand words. agree!