Friday, 13 May 2011

Girls' bestfriend

   I was in the library studying with Zack today and I told her how I was sad and upset yesterday. Fyi, I actually cried. Reason? Because I think that I'm fat and I look ugly. Not that I was attractive before. Why now? Well, this is what Mr. Danny told me when I cried infront him last night. "Susah kan bile PMS ni.." He will always feels at a loss for words each time my "best friend" visits me. Nothing he says will be able to make me feel better. Because apparently, I will always have ways to object him. Zero tolerate T___T 
   I wonder how men feel each and every time they have to deal with this syndrome. Guess that you just have to deal with it, huh? ngeee.
   So anyways, this was what Zack asked me then, "Tell me, how do you differentiate between PMS women and terrorist?"
   What kind of question is this? I wondered how this question was even relevant. I couldn't even  think of any relationship between women and terrorists. Then she smiled and say, "We can negotiate with terrorists." haha. Very tricky. Really? I don't know. But I think that was a good one. Smart huh? 

So, what do you think?


  1. ada org rindu akak smpi pms ke?heheh
    text me or we can tweet.
    akak active kat tweeter
    miss u too

  2. kak irr!!! hahak.. kantoi laaa.. lme xdgr cite! huhuk.. xto nk cntct cnne.. huhu.. yayyyy!! dpt gk akk! hehek :)

  3. are you coming back this summer?

  4. not very sure. sebab I planned not to go home but, my parents ask me to. tapi, ticket nya gak beli pun lagi. hahaha. nape2, nk bwk is dating ke?? hehheheh..

  5. wajib dating dgn is klu is blk
    kata rindu akak kan?
    let me know klu is blk tau

  6. yayyyyy!!! hihik. ok,bos! will do :)