Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Thank God for the Beauty of Nature

   Having spent some quality time together with loved ones, especially spending the time experiencing and enjoying nature always reminds me the unique blessing of nature. Thank God for this beauty and for still letting me walk on this earth to enjoy what life has to offer. Alhamdulillah.

   It was a few days before my birthday which of course had already past. Me, my sister, Mr. Danny and also a friend of ours, Farah, we went for this so called 'adventure'. It was nothing much really, just to get some time off and spend the short holiday traveling. 

   Since it was just a short holiday, Mr. Danny decided to take us somewhere undoubtedly in Germany specifically to enjoy mother nature. And all of us agreed as we didn't really want to spend the day off doing nothing and we should make full use of our time and opportunity here, I thought. As for my sister and Mr. Danny who have been working now, they really thought that they could use a little break.

   Not having any expectation in mind, I mean, it's nature, I don't really know what to expect except for trees and mountains, I guess. So, we headed to Eibsee with our rented car. On our way there, we stopped by at a place which I'm not sure what the name was but we stopped somehow because my sister and Mr. Danny were really thrilled upon seeing the signboard "Sommerrodelbahn". 

   Well, if you must know, it's some sort of toboggan or sled or sleigh which is traditionally used as transport. However, nowadays it is used to carry people down hill for recreational purpose. If you are still hazy, maybe you can just google this. Sorry =( It was something I usually avoid doing but somehow, I tried it.  It was aweeesomeeee! haha. it wasn't as scary as the roller coaster ride, thus why I did enjoy it.

  Soon, the journey continued. After a few hours drive, we finally reached Eibsee. The scenery, SUPERB I tell you. Really really incredible and stunning. Gosh, I almost couldn't believe my eyes upon looking at the beauty of this place. It's just beyond words. Too great for words to describe. Indescribable. So, why not I share with you some of the pictures.

that's Eibsee from zugspitze (the highest mountain in Germany, I was told)

Farah, kakak and me.

Btw, this is just a little of Eibsee.

the water was sooooo cold! but we tried to act cool.

Not quite sure what were they doing but it sure looked funny to me. So I snapped.
    These are just some of the pictures. There are more but they are not with me right now, but I'll get them in few days time. This is just a sneak peak of our trip to Eibsee. Will upload more, God's will. Infact, there is still this one place that I'm dying to share with you. But, I'll save it for later, okay? Together with some other pictures of Eibsee and Zugspitze. Well, we are not professional photographer, hence explains the pictures. But who cares, the nature itself is already amazing, right? So, you might want to ignore the people in the picture and enjoy the background.

   The pictures still can't describe how stunning the place is. I'm sorry but I promise you, I'm not kidding. Some more pictures would do, I supposed? *people, say yes pleaseeee* Will do! Haha.

   However, one thing I must say. To those who require the excitement of Hollywood, the power-struggles of Washington, or the money-manipulation of New York, this is definitely not the place. (sorry, I really can't think of any other countries)

   As for me and the rest of us who were there during the short break, we enjoyed the day to it bits. And I am deeply grateful for the privilege of being able to witness and enjoy one of Allah greatest creations. Subhanallah.

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