Friday, 1 July 2011

whoaahh! My appetite's growing still!

   Has it been ages since my last post? nah, I don't think so or else it must obviously be a joke. I mean, just a few days hiatus won't be considered as 'ages', true?

   It's nothing. Just that I genuinely think that I have nothing worth writing or worth reading so to speak, to blog to. But really, what do you expect from a personal blog other than the good old moaning and whining? Am I right? No? 

   I'm on my summer holiday at the moment. Yeah, the 3 months break which if you ask me is never enough. Of course. As a student, breaks never seem enough. Even when I actually have nothing much to do except for trying to make the most out of my break time preparing for my thesis. Yeah, you heard me, preparing for my upcoming thesis. Yeah, right. *sarcastically*

   Well, I'm not going back this summer due to the aforementioned preparation. I mean, I'm just too nervous that I thought maybe I should be putting on extra effort for this thinggy. I just hope that this will be paid off. In future, I hope that I'll taste the fruits of my labour. Amin.

   Let me ask you something here. If you were me, living in the UK, having 3 months holiday, what do you think you'd be doing? Friggin' travel, wouldn't you? Well, as for me, I couldn't really be bothered to plan any trip whatsoever. I've gone mad I think. Because the only thing I've been planning for this holiday is to keep on filling my tummy! Voila.

   See, I've told you my appetite's is getting bigger and bigger. Gosh. I've like this list of food and places or eating places which I planned to go during this holiday. I'm talking like I've been fasting for months. I know. It's not me talking, it's the tummy =p

   I'm lucky somehow that I chose to study in England which is in terms of food, this place is considered a bliss. I've been to a few countries in Europe and my man, I tell you it wasn't easy to find eating places with variety of choices which serves halal food. If you can find a restaurant that serves halal food, that's just good enough. And those are usually the kebabs shop.

   However in the UK, you will have plenty of choices of what to eat. In fact, there are quite a numbers of Malaysian restaurants here. And I need not have to mention the Malaysian Hall. Though, I'd only been there once. haha. So, since I'm not going back this summer, I'll just fulfill my craving for food here. Or in London, to be specific. But I know, it won't feel the same as in Malaysia. Where the sun always shines and talking about the food. Urghh, they are tasty and most importantly, CHEAP.In the meantime, this will do. Definitely.

This was taken at an Indian restaurant in London.

Halal Nandos in London.
P/S: Pictures were taken like more than a year ago. When Miss Issy was still slim and slender *I wish* and those were meant for showing off purpose. Kidding =p Just so you get the point.


  1. tggu hujung taon ni mad p sana noh!!!

  2. dh 2 thn dh kak is tggu, xmai2 lg.. mai laaa cpt skit. bwk durian!