Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Que sera sera... But are we really ready?

   In the modern society where everything seems to be more complicated and harder I supposed, everybody seems to cram and cope up with economic demands. Everything seems to be more about wealth and money. People work harder, making sure that they will not have to strive later on in life.

   Oftentimes, people tend to worry much about tomorrow. Everybody starts to be workaholic just to make sure that in the future they will be financially secure. See, how globalisation gives people the feeling of insecurity. 

   But, halt. Is the material needs that important? I can't deny this but, don't you think that there might be some other thing which are as important or maybe more important than this? What about faith??

   As spiritual beings, we should recognise the fact that we were made by God. Who does not only knows the future but holds it.

   Because of our fear of the future, whether we realise it or not, we try to hold for ourselves the things that are supposed to be committed to God. For example, because a student fears the upcoming examinations, he tries to maximize his time for his studies that he forgets or neglects to a lot time for prayer. Because parents fear the future of their children, they tend to work overtime that they tend to neglect their reflection time supposed to be allocated exclusively for God. 

   What an ugly truth, don't you think? We work so hard for the sake of our future. However, I think it's now best that we start to realise that we are not going to live forever. We all agreed that we never know what future the future holds. Thus, we don't even have the slightest idea about when we will die. Yes, maybe we've worked hard enough assure our lifes on earth but what about the hereafter? 

   Yes, I might say that I'm 22 and it's still along way to go for me. After all people say life begins at forty. But, how sure are you that you are still alive at forty? 
   I'll dedicate myself to God once I'm ready. Okay. But when will you be ready? You really think you'll live long enough until you are ready? What if, God forbids, you die before you are ready? Think.

   I'm not saying that we should not work for our future. Nay, in fact we should. We are designed to having material and non-material needs in order for us to keep clinging and depending on God's providence and love. But, lets not forget that we ought to perform our commitment to God as well. Prayer is always the best weapon that man could have.

    It is but proper to plan and to work hard. It is but needed that man find the means of ensuring his future but man should not be driven by the material world. Let us remember that we are created with a soul that also needs to be fed with spiritual blessings from God. We also need strength within that can only be filled by God. We also need to be encouraged, we need comfort, and we need patience and other virtues that will keep us going in spite of the harsh course of life that we may face.

        "Work as if you were going to live hundreds years, pray as if you were to die tomorrow"
   And should I mention that this piece of writing is as a reminder for myself so that I will not forget my priority. And I'm inspired to write this due to some unexpected incidents that happened. And I hope that this will also benefit others, InsyaAllah. I'm not perfect hence, I'm still working towards perfection.



  1. ekceli, i am ur silent reader...but since it's too silent here, i cant help but to leave my 20 cent on this. i'd love to quote an unknown source 'those who fail to plan, they are actually planning to fail'.

  2. ohh, tak sangka Dato' pandai berbahasa inggeris! =P

    thanks for the 20 cent and also for the noise u just made, it means a lot =)

    I'm honoured!