Monday, 13 June 2011

Happy Father's day!

   I'd just stalked this one blog which I stalk most of the time. Not that I am a stalker, it's simply because I love the writer's writings and her sense of humour.And she's pretty too. and there are of course a few other blogs which I stalk as much as I stalk hers =)

   I came across the writer's latest post and it's about the father's day contest in which whoever wants to participate needs to complete the sentence, "My father always says, 'Stay away from boys who...'". When I took a sneak peak at what the participants wrote, some of them I found hilarious. Really.

   There are a few that I like most and I think are funny. I quote;
  1. stay away from boys who ARE NOT MANCHESTER UNITED FANS. 
  2. stay away from boys who WEAR MORE ACCESSORIES THAN YOU.
  3. stay away from boys who ARE FANS OF JUSTIN BIEBER.
  4. stay away from boys who... JUST STAY AWAY FROM BOYS, PERIOD.

   I don't know about you but to me, they are pretty silly and yes, absurd and laughable. Reading the first one, I felt like it might apply to Mr. Danny. haha. He is such a die hard fan of the Red Devil. And yes, the third one would definitely be one of his big NO NO. Indubitably a no no.

   Gah. Reading all this just makes my heart aches more. I miss my father, so so much. He is a strict dad. I don't think you can imagine how strict he is to his children, especially when we were still kids. Now, he is quite lenient to all of us. Just QUITE. Life's a bliss to my younger brother and sister I would say. No fair!

   Nonetheless, I am really grateful for everything he did and still does to me and all my other siblings. He made us who we are now. I don't say that we are really great children. We are not perfect but we really try to be at least perfect to him. We love you, abah! 

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