Friday, 10 June 2011

I'm a June Baby

   I celebrated my 22nd birthday last Tuesday, 7th of June 2011 and it was great =) No grand celebration whatsoever but I was happy somehow. Besides, my initial intention for my birthday this year were not to pay attention to my birthday, not remembering my own birthday and hoping that nobody will.

   But of course, that didn't went well. It was almost as planned at first. Peculiarly, I did forget about my own birthday as I wasn't aware of the day and date lately. Certainly because I'm not having any class at the moment. However, people around me always have ways to spoil it for me *pff*

   I was trying to get myself to sleep before 12 am that night and Mr. Danny was trying very very hard to keep me awake. He is the kind of guy who doesn't talk too much (pendiam) but shockingly, he managed to start and try to keep the 'conversation' going by asking me a lot of unimportant questions. Regardless the fact that I didn't answer any of his question. It was shockingly true! and he only stopped talking at 12 midnight sharp and wished me happy birthday. Yes, then he intended to go to sleep straight away. What a thoughtful guy, huh?

   For he had spoiled my birthday which I didn't appoint to remember this year, I definitely had my own way of punishing him. Since I never answered his before 12 am questions, right after he decided to get his 'beauty sleep', I began to answer all of his questions and started asking him questions as well. Yes, baby karma is a bitch. So, after a while, I let him sleep. The short torture was just to let him feel the consequences of his action. It would have been longer if he wasn't supposed to go to work the next day. Well, he didn't go. Maybe he thought that his girlfriend was the Yang Di Pertuan Agong that he would get a day off during my birthday. 

   Nevertheless, the day went well. Very well indeed because I've got to spent some of my money buying birthday presents for myself. I bought three new clothes for ME! yay! Don't get me wrong, Mr. Danny already gave me my birthday present, waaaayyy too early. 2 weeks before my birthday via Royal Mail. Thanks =)

   My parents also made my day by calling and started singing the remix version of birthday song (Malay plus English) for me. I was waiting for their message since 12 midnight and I'd almost thought that they'd forgotten about me. Well. they did not! =) 

   Before that, my younger sister messaged me, "call me please" and I thought it was urgent. I called her and she answered my phone call with a birthday song sang by her and her friends. She was in Selangor for the national netball tournament, I was told. Nowadays a birthday girl has to call people to get herself wished huh? Very smart.

   Not to be forgotten, thanks to my eldest sister for being the second person after Mr. Danny giving me an early birthday present. We went to the Mara family day, while watching Mr. Danny playing football, she pulled me aside and gave me my early birthday present. It was a charm bracelet when I specifically asked her for the Samsung ST100.Very demanding huh =)

   Well, my birthday was simple and not as merry and lively as all of you might have thought but to me it was great as all my loved ones remembered my birthday and it felt like we were all celebrating it together despite the fact that we are living in different parts of the world. Thanks, abah, mama, abang, kakak, nur, adik and Danny for making my birthday this year another birthday to remember =)
p/s: Thanks a bunch to my friends for the wishes.


  1. elehhhh, nak lupa konon. dlm hati...'meh la wish meh la wish...sape lupe tanak kawan sudeyyy' hahaha...kan3?? anyways, happy birthday once again mmy syg! :)

  2. cait! bdk kecik ni, pndai laa tuduh2. kang mummy sumpah jadi BMW baru tau! hahahah.. thanks again, darling~