Sunday, 12 June 2011

what's on my mind right now?

   I don't love thinking but my mind always loves to ponder. Sometimes I feel tired due to thinking and they are not always concerning important stuffs like assignmnets and so forth. Gah. It's hectic to me sometimes. Because most of the time, I can't seem to get the thinking off my head. What a torture.

   I look at something hence my mind wonders about this and that. I read something and my mind starts to question and debate. What a 'hard working' brain. Yeah, right.

   Well, at the moment I'm pondering about lots of things actually. They are stuffs like;

  1. I miss my family so so bad but I'm very happy that I managed to get some time to skype with them =)
  2. I wanted to buy something for my eldest brother and my dad but I don't know what should I buy for them. Not that they really need anything right now, I supposed. But, it feels good to get something from someone far away. It tells us that we are always in their mind and heart, right? 
  3. I miss Mr. Danny a lot too eventhough it has been only 3 days being away from him =(
  4. My room and house is a mess and something need to be done.
  5. I'm thinking of something but somehow I'm not quite sure what is that thing about and it's bothering me. Yikes!

   And uh! Before I forget, Danny went strawberry picking this evening with my sister and their friends and I was soooo jelous. I'm so jeleous that they went without me =( But actually, I alreaady went strawberry picking last week with Mr. danny and just the two of us. ngeee. I guess I'm jealous because they took my boyfriend away from me. And also because I felt like my sister is always busy when I'm there but when I'm here she's not. But I guess that's just me, she's a good sis. Well, sometimes. haha. Sorry akak :P I'm at that time of the month so, I can't help it. I just want to be pampered and I'm extra clingy at the moment. erghh. This mensy really gets on my nerve.

   This jealousy is driving me crazy. So, I decided to upload the pictures of me and Mr. Danny during our starwberry picking day just to please myself. Plus, I'd just seen the pictures of them picking strawberries. With Mr. Danny. Jealous again ;(

So what if I'm fat? huhuk :(

working woman

he was always looking for bigger sized strawberries.

sexeyh :p told u not to wear shorts. kan pic dah kene tayang ;p

we were so happy with our fruit of labour :) they taste goooooodd
P/S: pardon our looks, guys. The 'serabai-ness' was beyond repair. We went out since morning and it was late evening that time thus we looked horrible. Yet, we enjoyed the day to the bits.


  1. hahh! g strawberry picking xbawak anak! cmne nih?? hahah~ anyways, u sure had lotsa fun thre :) chill keyh :)

    p/s: mmy, it's 'jealous'..ehehe..

  2. hahahha.. mne leh bwk, dating kot! alamakk, ni a mslh typing mlm2. hehehe. thanks 4 da heads up! :0 neways, mmy couldn't comment on ur page a. haiyaaa.. why laaa...

  3. amek boipren dier~ untung² dpt barter.. dpt setoberi pree.. weeehheee~

    akak cun :)

  4. wawawaw.. xleh2! amek klu kna byr sewa next tym! huhu..

    Is lg cun ;P

  5. it looks like such a nice experience to do strawberry picking! And I'm sure you'll get your much needed dosage of family and boyfriend just in the nick of time =)

  6. Shareen : it's really a nice experience and it's quite different from the experience we have picking at cameron highland.

    Thank you, dear =)