Saturday, 5 February 2011

vibes oh vibes

   It's one of those days which I wish I could fast forward. I know it's weekend and weekend supposed to be fun. Well, today isn't somehow. I feel grumpy, irritated. feel like I've been surrounded by all the negative vibes. you name it. It's just so stressful. 

   One time, I really hope that time can fly so fast and tomorrow will be 10th February already. but (slap forehead), 10th February will only come if I passed 7th February, which is unfortunately my micro teaching day. and part of me is telling me that I'm not ready for that. in fact, just thinking of it gives me butterflies. it's not my first time though. adding to it, the one who are going to be my students are my own classmates. but the fact that I'll be evaluated makes me feel bit intimidated. Oh Mark, since you are one of my favourite lecturers, please be generous to me, okay?

   Anyhoo, it's not the worst day after all. managed to skype with my family just now! including my elder sister in Germany. and then it was already 2 a.m in Malaysia that everybody was already tired that we then had to bid each other good bye -_-


  1. i miss your family tooooooo!
    btw, all the best in your teaching. n slmt berholidayyyyy then. :D

  2. baby: hihik.. :) then u have to pay them a visit! thanks for the wish.. im not going anywhere for holis, too many assignments im afraid :(

    mesticun: skype jelaa makes me feel closer to family in the meantym :(

  3. alala...u're not d only one getting all the negative vibes, everyone does! b positive k mummy?

  4. guess i'm nt human if i didnt get it, ryte? huhu.. thanks, bby :)