Wednesday, 2 February 2011

hiccups CURED!

   had the hiccups for about 20 minutes. It's pretty embarrassing. especially when you have to talk to people that time. talked to my friend. had to since I need to ask for my Mandarin handouts and homework. Kept hiccuping along the conversation that I had to appologise for that. since the hiccup kept on interrupting our conversation and all. but then Shasha just smiled and said,"Biasa la tu, nak membesar." am I not big enough, dear Mr. hiccup? huhu.. I've gained weight a lot!

   Mr. Danny, being him. cheeky as always, asked me to use that so called ancient remedy, which was to stick a small piece of tissue or paper on my forehead. for those who didn't know, this is what a mother usually does for her baby when he/she has hiccups. and me, trying to humour him, of course la took a piece of paper (stick note sized) and stuck it on my forehead. and what do you know, upon sticking, the hiccups really disappeared! and I was like, WHOAA! never thought that it would work. at least not that fast. and I'm still amazed now! WHOOOOAA! haha.

   This time, Mr. Danny's cheekiness did work! oh, his cheekiness usually works. because I just knew that the other day, after feeding me with Vienetta ice-cream, he asked me whether I wanted for more. before I even replied "Yes, please", he said, "dah habis.." Quite disappointed but I didn't want to show him my disappointment since I hadn't answered him (in a way, avoiding myself from being picked on). It's embarrassing if I did say yes and then he went, "dah habis dah" and then he'll laugh at me. So, I thought it's ok la. but getting back to the story, I just knew last night that he still has more than half the ice cream in his fridge! and when I quoted what he told me the other day he said, "I was just trying to pick on you". How mean is that?? I'll get you back! but I wonder why is he never scared of me. Pfftt.


  1. muahahahah! i was kiddin' la dat can d aiskem abes when we just opened it. pe la syg ni... bt its hilarious tho.hahahaha:P

    im gonna get u again in 8 more days!~ hehe:P

  2. how shud i know since u were the one who opened it?? huhuk.. in case u r wondering, u r mean tau! 8 more days?? yehuuu! i only have to say these 3 words to u then



  3. eyh!~ spe suh gune pic i ni? i saman u baru tau! :P

  4. eleh.. ade ati nk saman org! xeran pun.. this picture was taken by me along tym ago pn and its under my possession tau!