Tuesday, 1 February 2011

noisy mind chatter

   Yeah, it's that time of the year! the time when all my nerves in the brain are working like really really hard. wondering to one thought after another. Pff! it's irritating. really. literally, you won't hear it. because it's an idle thought. what's wrong with an idle thought? of course it has something wrong! it's the kind of thought which usually creates worry and upset feelings. 

    my mind keeps on reminding and telling me that I have loads of assignments and works that need to be done. yeah, mind! I know. but how can I possibly start working when I feel everything is coming all together at once? uh, I'm glad that you asked. how do I put this.. hmm.. do you know the feeling, when you have lots of things that you need to complete all at the same time which drives you crazy because you don't even know which, where or when to start? yes, that's the feeling! 

Piled-up library books for my assignments.

   Thinking of all these things definitely will turn me into a hag someday. not even any expensive serum can help me to reduce my wrinkles that time. I'm just going to be a teacher, but now only I knew, it's not that easy to be a teacher. in fact, there's nothing easy in this world. if ever I heard people out there saying, "you are just a teacher" or "cikgu je pun", I'll indubitably smack that person in the face. or if that person is bigger than me, I'll give my puppy eye look and tell my Mr. Danny then let him do the rest! huh! mind you he gained his  taekwando black belt since primary school and now he even wears leather belt, howkey! (I'm not sure what has that got to do with taekwando and stuffs but I'm pretty sure that he is even more furious if he wears leather belt now).

I don't usually look happy with lots of books next to me.

can't believe that's me, at the LIBRARY

   oh, and yes! I wanna go for a short break. so, allowance please come in early. pretty please with sugar on top *puppy eye look*  wanna go while Mr. Danny is still free and available. *sigh*

In the meantime, how do I quiet this noisy mind chatter? I'm in misery (bit exaggeration though)

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