Sunday, 6 February 2011

"how do I look?"

   One of the most pressing questions and traumatizes most women is, "how do I look?" or "am I beautiful?". and incredibly this usually results in most women seeking for their flaws instead of what makes them feel good about themselves. Don't you think it's odd why women have to think that way? and when I say women, I'm also referring this to me (though, I'm a girl who'll be a woman one day).

   Girls also increase interest in their appearances at the early age compared to boys. should we blame Walter Disney for this? for getting us exposed to all the fairy tales when we were young that most of us have the same dream which is to be a princess one day. Suprisingly, women evaluate their self-appearance more critical than men. and it's just hard to find a woman or girl who thinks that she is perfect. there are but not many.

   Girls, girls, girls. we are so complicated, don't you think? a simple comment on a girl's appearance may offend the girl big time. It might turn you into a big criminal whenever you give us, girls such critic. So, guys BEWARE. even one tiny zit can ruin a girl's day. ask me, it sure does. and I'd been thinking last night before I went to bed. what if, a woman gets a zit on her big day, particularly on her wedding day? Gosh! it must be a NIGHTMARE. I totally don't want that to happen to me or else, there will be no photo shoot on my wedding day. and if it turns out that way, that will be a pity, not to have any memory of your day to remember -_-

    appearance is such a big deal, you see. to some people, self confident stems from their self appearance. I was once suffering from that. I have low self esteem due to my look and I didn't even dare to look at myself in the mirror. that was not all. I often looked down whenever I passed people in public. how unpractical is that?

   Perfection, perfection. what is really a perfection? it's subjective. perhaps, no woman is totally satisfied with her appearance anyway.  So, how do I look? :P


  1. Every man and woman alive is gifted by God in some special way. People who have a self-image of worth are going to see value in what they do. This is the attitude that motivates them to be and to do their best. It's a drive that comes from within people. So it's ok to feel what you feel. But always remember, that there's a reason why I can't always get enough of you. It's because you're so beautiful to me inside and out;)
    LOve ya, bebeh!!

  2. there you go, this is why i love u so much! you're a doll! so damn sweet! at least i have u to tell me that I look great and all. love u too!

  3. thank u, bby :) so are u! like mmy like daughter :)